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Cyber Security Colleges in Nepal- 2023

Cyber Security Colleges in Nepal- 2023

In the current situation, Cyber Security degrees has become one of the most popular degrees chosen by the students. Meanwhile, hackers and cyber terrorists have many opportunities to hack government, individual, and even big companies. We all think of building the protocol. Do we ever again think of securing that protocol? So, hackers will get the opportunity to hack our protocols.

Many of you still might have confusion about cyber Security. So, to clear your queries I want to give you the simple definition of Cyber Security. The program that teaches you how to protect and secure the computer operating system, networks, and also data from cyber attack. 

In Cyber Security you learn about monitoring and integrating the system when threats happen. This degree is the simplicity of the IT Security degrees curriculum. But, the overall goal is to help you to develop the skill to prevent the attack and protect the privacy of the data.

Is studying Cyber Security degree right for you? Some of you may still have that question. So, to help you, we have gone through an answer you might be searching before joining Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Cyber Security. 

In this article, we also have listed the colleges of Nepal which holds the Cyber Security program.

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List of Cyber Security Colleges in Nepal

  • Texas International College
  • Islington College
  • Softwarica College of IT & e-commerce

Texas International College

Texas International College is one of the top colleges in Nepal which offers a Bachelor’s in Network and Cyber Security in Nepal Also, it provides a scholarship for some of the deserving students.

It provides its students’ opportunities to develop the abilities and also produce excellent results This curriculum objective is to fight against cybercrime in Nepal. Also, it helps the students to work in Cyber Security team National as well as International Field.

Address: Mitrapark, Kathmandu


Phone No: +977- 01-4479017,4490670

Islington College

Another college that provides the best degree in Computer Networking and IT security is Islington College It is affiliated by London Metropolitan University. Also, it provides both CCNA and CCNP training which is certified by the Cisco system.

Address: Kamal Marg, Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal


Phone No:  441-2929, 980-1022446

Softwarica College of IT & e-commerce

Softwarica College runs the program in collaboration with Coventry University In contrast, they provide good practical knowledge with a theoretical understanding of Cyber Security digital forensic.

Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu


Phone No: 01-4441577, 4425661

Duration of Cyber Security degrees

The duration of Cyber Security degrees differs from the program you choose. It takes :

  • 3 to 4 years to complete Bachelor’s degrees in Cyber Security
  • 1 to 2 years to complete a Master’s degree in Cyber Security

If you still have questions about the scopes of Cyber Security in Nepal. Then here we present you the list of fields you can apply for after completing Cyber Security in Nepal.

  • Network Security expert
  • Cyber Security specialist
  • Network tester
  • Ethical Hacker
  • IT Auditor
  • IT security engineer
  • Security administrator
  • Cryptographer
  • LAN/WAN specialist
  • Network engineer

Worldwide Cyber Security jobs with income

According to research, there is a shortage of 2.93 million Cyber Security professionals worldwide Also, according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics 28% job increase in this field by 2026. Here, the worldwide job in Cyber Security with its income is listed below:

  • Cryptographer – 100,000 USD
  • Information Security Officer – 91,000 USD
  • Security Assessor – 90,000 USD
  • Security Engineer – 88,000 USD
  • Penetration Tester – 81,000 USD
  • Forensics Expert – 71,000 USD
  • Security Administrator – 65,000 USD


So, we hope we were successful in clearing all your doubts regarding Cyber Security. Although, few colleges provide bachelor’s and master’s programs in Cyber Security in Nepal. But there are many institutes which provide short term duration training in Cyber Security.

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