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Telecom is closing CDMA, users will be shifted to GSM

Telecom is closing CDMA, users will be shifted to GSM

Nepal Telecom will be closing sky phone i.e. CDMA services. Through the annual program of the current fiscal year, the company brought up the plan. The plan is to discontinue the Sky phone and convert its user to GSM users. They announced the news that Telecom will be closing CDMA services. In return, they will be converting them to GSM service users. Previously, the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee itself had decided to discontinue the CDMA service provided by Nepal Telecom from 2022 AD. Based on that decision, Nepal Telecom moved forward the CDMA migration as a major program in this year’s annual program.

More details on Telecom closing CDMA services

“Currently, there is a program to convert CDMA phone users to GSM 2G, 3G, and 4G”, said Krishna Prasad Bhandari, co-spokesperson of Telecom. He also added, “We are trying to promote is as the company’s main event this year”.

Telecom decided on closing CDMA so people would get an upgrade from older CDMA technology to a better GSM technology. “In recent times, the expansion of GSM mobile service as new and intuitive technology has gained momentum. In such a situation, we are going to convert the CDMA service which is based on old technology”, said Bhandari.

So, work has been started to phase out this technology. He said, “We are prepared to gradually phase out CDMA technology. Because of this, plans to convert CDMA customers to GSM services were made. Much of its work will be completed this year itself. We have also started to work accordingly.”

The company has said that it has started replacing CDMA technology. However, it does not mean that it has already started converting customers to another service. Bhandari explains, ” Studies have been carried out regarding what kind of package to give to the customer; issues regarding handset bundling may come up; how to solve these issues, how to migrate them; from which place to start.”

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