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Smart Cell Introduces A Range Of Data Packs!

Smart Cell Introduces A Range Of Data Packs!

Smart Cell has always been known for providing great offers to its customers. This time as well, Smart Cell has come up with exciting data pack options. This new range of Smart Cell data packs are affordable and provide great value. Now, get online and always stay connected is what Smart Cell is trying to offer to its customers.

Smart Cell Data Packs

The data packs and their details are as follows:

Pack NameFeaturesValidityMRP (incl. of tax)Direct USSD code
20 GB Data PackGet 20 GB data @ Rs 399 ( excl of taxes) valid for 30 days30 DaysRs 509.48*141*3*2*1#
100 MB +100 MBGet 100 MB + Extra 100 MB @ Rs 9 (excl. of taxes) valid for a day.1 dayRs 11.49*141*3*1*6#
500 MB +500 MBGet 500 MB + Extra 500 MB Data @ Rs 29 (excl. of taxes) valid for 1 day.1 dayRs 37.03*141*3*1*1#
1 GB + 1 GBGet 1 GB + Extra 1 GB Data @ Rs 69 (excl. of taxes) valid for 7 days.7 daysRs 88.11*141*3*1*2#
1 GB + 1 GBGet 1 GB + Extra 1 GB Data @ Rs 89 (excl. of taxes) valid for 15 days.15 daysRs 113.64*141*3*1*3#
2 GB + 2 GBGet 2 GB + Extra 2 GB Data @ Rs 199 (excl. of taxes) valid for 30 days.30 daysRs 254.10*141*3*1*4#
5 GB + 5 GBGet 5 GB + Extra 5 GB Data @ Rs 319 (excl. of taxes) valid for 30 days.30 daysRs 407.33*141*3*1*5#
Smart Cell data pack offers

Another great Lockdown offer!

Besides the above offers, Smart Cell has also offered Smart Lockdown pack in which you can get 45 GB data at just Rs. 299 excl. of taxes (Rs.381.79 incl. of tax) valid for 30 days. However, this pack is only valid from 6 am to 6 pm every day for 30 days. To activate this data pack, the activation code is *141*7*1*1#.

During this pandemic, most of us are using the internet in one way or another. Whether it be for games or for online classes or for entertainment, but we are using the internet in some way. These offers from Smart Cell are definitely attractive and you should definitely make use of them.

Apart from this, there are other offers including Voice and SMS packs. You can view the packs here at

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