New Oxford COVID-19 test based on machine learning can provide results in under 5 minutes

New Oxford COVID-19 test based on machine learning can provide results in under 5 minutes

COVID-19 test in 5 minutes

Scientists of the Oxford school’s Department of Physics have developed a new COVID-19 test using the machine learning approach. This test is directly taken from the patient due to which it is a faster approach. So, with no sample preparation is required, it can provide results within 5 minutes.

This COVID-19 test developed by the researchers of Oxford directly detects the actual virus particle instead of antibodies or any other presence of virus which doesn’t correlate to an active transmissible case.

How does the test work?

COVID-19 test based on machine learning

First, this technology labels any virus particles found in a sample collected by a patient using short, fluorescent DNA strands that act as markers.

A microscope images the sample and the labeled viruses present in the body, and then software based on machine learning takes over using the algorithmic analysis to identify the virus automatically, using differences that each one produces in terms of its fluorescent light emitted according to their different physical size, surface makeup, and individual chemical composition.

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When will the test be implemented?

This technology includes various equipment, the microscopic imager, and the fluorescence insertion tools, the sample collection equipment. The plan is to miniaturized these tools as well as the compute capabilities, such that it’s possible to be used just about anywhere

So, the focus now is to build a spinout company for the purposes of commercializing the device in a format that integrates all the parts together.

The researchers expect to form the company and start product development by early next year. With the potential of having a device approved for use and ready for distribution around six months after Production.

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