Nepal Government to provide free internet to students (2020)

Nepal Government to provide free internet to students (2020)

 From Asoj 2077 Nepal Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has decided to provide free internet to students. This decision comes after the academic time of the students was hampered due to coronavirus. On the 19th of Bhadra  Student Learning facilitation guideline was passed which includes the responsibilities of all three levels of government bodies on providing the essential facilities in order to help create an environment conducive to learning for school-age students.

Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has already directed the local government bodies to discuss with network service companies and arrange mandatory free internet to students from Asoj 1. The guidelines released also mention that due to coronavirus internet is a must for every student to attend their virtual classes due to which the Government has decided to give free internet to students.

Importance of free internet to students

free internet to students

This coronavirus has affected all the areas in the country. Every citizen is struggling and businesses are not doing well. But one of the most affected areas is the education sector. The only solution to avoid coronavirus is keeping your self away from a group of people, and this is the main problem for the education sector because no gathering means no physical class.

provide free internet to students

So, the only way left to conduct academic classes is by the virtual method. Somehow the courses can be digitized but the problem is the internet connection. Many students don’t have internet connections and using mobile balance every day for online classes is not possible. So, this is a major step by the government and beneficial to all the students. If the internet is provided free then all the students will able to get proper education and their academic time won’t be lost anymore. Yes, this is not the solution for all because some may not have proper devices to use the internet but we need to appreciate this step of government because free internet cannot help all but the majority of the students can be benefited from it.

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