Ncell Contributes 10 Crore to the Government for Covid-19 Infection Prevention

Ncell Contributes 10 Crore to the Government for Covid-19 Infection Prevention

Ncell has contributed Rs 100 million i.e 10 Crore to the Government for the prevention, control, and treatment of the COVID-19.

This fund can be utilized for preparing the logistics, health equipment, PCR testing kits and so on.

It will be also used for the quarantining and treatment of Covid-19.

Andy Chong, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of NCell handed over a cheque of Rs 10 crore to Secretary of Office of Prime minister, Narayan Prasad Bidari.

The government is really trying its best to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

This great support from Ncell will be really helpful for prevention and treatment. Narayan Prasad Bidari said they are really grateful for this support.

Andy Chong shared his statement as a responsible citizen of Nepal they are really honored to help the government.

With this commitment, Ncell really looks forward that this fund will be helpful to procure the most essential logistics and health services. They ensure that health workers will have access to all the protection to provide required services everywhere.

Ncell, as responsible corporate citizen, is committed to ensuring wellbeing of its customers, employees, and partners.

They are even trying their best by providing lots of offers and discounts on their services.

Along with this Ncell also wrote on their Facebook for navigating COVID-19.

ncell contributing 10 crore

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