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Ncell Brings Stay Home Pack Offers- COVID-19 Outbreak



Ncell Brings Stay Home Pack Offers- COVID-19 Outbreak

The entire people of different places are staying homes right now. Due to this lockdown, everyone is staying safe at home maintaining the social distance.

But its important to be updated with community and news.

Internet reduced due to maximum bandwidth consumption during this COVID-19 Outbreak.

People are enjoying the movies, series and playing games continuously. Some of the people are working from their homes.

So the lagging of the Internet is really bothering them.

Well, As a possible solution NCell has brought a couple of offers :

Stay Home Pack

This is a huge Volume pack of 15 GB data with the validation of 7 days from midnight 12 to evening at 6 pm.
The pack costs about Rs. 293.69 with tax.

Conditions Applied: Withing 15 GB its a must that you use 5GB data for 4G networks and other remaining 10 GB data can be used in any network; 2G, 3G or 4G.

To Subscribe to the pack, Dial *17123#.

Use digital wallets to pay online.

Sapati /Loan increased to Rs 200

NTA requested the Ncell and NTC to increase the loan amount and provide various offers.

Ncell Brings Stay Home Pack Offers- COVID-19 Outbreak

So, following this Ncell has increased the loan amount up to Rs 200. This offer has been brought to encourage people to stay at home and maintain social distances.

Terms and conditions applied here, the loan amount is not equal for every user, it will depend on the usage of your sim card.
If you had frequently recharge history and maximum usage you can get 200 rs loan otherwise it will limit to Rs 80.

Before this pandemic spread Ncell had been providing Rs 40 loan services wth additional Rs 2 as a service charge.

To Subscribe for this package Dial *9988#. Or a blank message to 9988.

To know the remaining Sapati amount dial *901#.

Make sure you clear the initial loans before to subscribe to the loan again.

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Balance Transfer

“Share More and Care more”

Ncell Brings Stay Home Pack Offers- COVID-19 Outbreak
There are a lot of cases when we need to transfer the balance from one phone to another. Its pretty simple. Just Dial *17122*#

Terms and Conditions applied: Only Rs 20 transfers per day, 500 Rs per transaction and Rs.10,000 per day.

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Technoblade – Popular YouTuber dies of Cancer at the age of 23



One of the most popular video creators; YouTube Star Technoblade die on the 31st of June, 2022. His age was just 23. The reason behind his death is cancer. The real name of Technoblade was Alex.

This was confirmed from the farewall video posted by his family on his behalf.

Technoblade was doing the treatment of Cancer. A farewell message was written by him and his father read that. It mentioned “Hello Everyone, Technoblade here. If you are watching this, I’m dead.”

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SMS Delivery Rate in Nepal. Smart Telecom’s service is the worst.



SMS Delivery Success Rate of Smart Telecom is found very low. Smart Telecom has a delivery success rate of only 39.76%. Nepal Telecom’s SMS Delivery Success Rate is 99.94% whereas NCELL has 99.07%.

For the research process, the total number of SMS delivered was 1788, 2015 and 831 for Nepal Telecom, NCELL and Smart Telecom respectively. The total number of SMS sent was 1789,2034 and 2090 respectively.

As per the final Report on Consulting services for “Studying, Measuring and Quality of Service of Telecommunication Services (RFP03-QOS-2077/78)”, submitted by Inclusive-Everest-Microtech JV to Nepal Telecommunication Authority, this stat is found.

The report is published on the official website of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

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Chiranjibi Adhikari announced his candidacy for President of CAN Federation



Chiranjibi Adhikari has announced his candidacy for the post of president of the CAN Federation for the upcoming election.

CAN is preparing to hold the next general convention in November. Adhikari, who is currently the central committee secretary in the working committee, has previously worked as a central member.

In the Facebook post, he says

Respected Sir Madams
Analyzing the long professional experience and understanding from the participation in CAN Federation’s campaign, for drastic change and development in any organization and its members, youth with knowledge in relevent field is necessary. Concluding this. I have decided to have candidacy in CAN Federation’s president. I sincerely request you to fully support me in this campaign

CAN Federation Central Comittee Secretary,

Together We CAN

In another status, he declared that he will create his team with 50% youth from the startup and innovation sector.

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