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Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding, Adds New Messaging Features

Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding, Adds New Messaging Features

Facebook has announced a new look for Messenger, with lots of additional features and exciting news.

Though most of the new features are highlighted in the company announcement previously when the integration of Instagram Direct and Messenger were connected.

As there in the video, Messenger has added Rooms, collaborative video viewing, a customizable emoji response bar, new personalized stickers, and color gradients in your threads.

These all were previously announced, however, there are a few new elements added in the latest update.

There is a new Messenger logo, with a color gradient tone. From a plain blue color that have added some color gradient tone, seems nice and fancy in color.


“Our new logo reflects a shift to the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to stay connected to the people you’re close to.”


Facebook has also added new chat themes, “like love and tie-dye”, that can be essential for your custom backgrounds for your chats.


“10 million people customize their conversations every day so we know that personalization is important when it comes to how you connect. Together with new delight features like selfie stickers and vanish mode that is coming soon, making your chats fun and personalized has never been easier.”

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