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Cyber Army Should be prepared in Nepal. Read what CSRI Nepal suggests to Nepal Government.



Center for Cyber Security Research and Innovation Nepal i.e. CSRI Nepal handed the letter to Ministry of Finance, Nepal Government. Suggestions regarding the plans and policies related to ICTs and the field of cybersecurity are mentioned in the letter.

Er. Shaligram Parajuli, General Secretary of CSRI Nepal handed the letter to Mr. Shishir Dhungana, Secretary – Ministry of Finance.

Other receivers include IT consultant to the Prime Minister of Nepal, Er. Asgar Ali and PM Development Advisor, Er. Gajendra Thapaliya.

CSRI suggests Nepal government to establish National IT Security Council. This council will help to monitor and regulate the sector regularly.

Also, they recommend the government to handle cybersecurity issue through URL tracking.

What are the proposed programs by CSRI Nepal?

  • To formulate and implement the policies which are related to the program Digital Nepal framework.
  • For skill development, organizing the programs like training, seminars, awareness, exhibition etc.
  • Organize and conduct knowledge transfer programs with different nationals and international organizations related to IT and Cyber Security.
  • Preparation of cyber security experts – cyber army in Nepal
  • Research on cyber security. Publish different papers related to it.

Read the press release by CSRI Nepal:

CSRI Nepal Proposed Suggestions Regarding Policies, Programs, And Budget To The Ministry Of Finance

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