Bing is now Microsoft Bing (2020)

Bing is now Microsoft Bing (2020)

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has rebranded its search engine, Bing as ‘Microsoft Bing’. The main reason for this rebranding is not clearly known but Microsoft in their blog stated that as it was trying to expand various ways to expand Bing, Renaming the search engine would reflect the continued integration of search engine experiences across the Microsoft family.

With this rebranding, Bing is using their updated logo and the new Microsoft Bing logo in its interface. It is not sure if the Bing logo will be completely removed for the new Microsoft Bing logo or the company might keep both the logo.

 Microsoft Bing

This is not the first time Microsoft had rebranded their products

  • Windows Store to Microsoft Store
  • Office 365 to Microsoft 365 recently.
  • Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Edge both use the Microsoft branding

Xbox and Surface have largely escaped Microsoft’s broader branding plans so far.

Alongside this rebranding, Microsoft also has been improving its separate Microsoft Search product gradually, which powers results across Windows, Office, and more. It also appears inside Bing to provide organizations a sort of intranet search for documents and more.

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Give With Bing

 Microsoft Bing: Give with Bing

Along with the rebranding of Bing Microsoft has announced the expansion of Give With Bing, Which is an extension to Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft Rewards allows you to earn money by simply searching in Bing. Give With Bing lets you automatically donate those points to the causes you care for.

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