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6 Toll-free number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Now, make a free phone call

6 Toll-free number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Now, make a free phone call

Some time ago, the regulatory body, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, had made it mandatory for Internet service providers to have toll-free numbers. According to the same arrangement, some service providers have recently kept toll free numbers for the convenience of customers.

So far, six service providers have provided such services as per the NTA’s directive to keep toll free number to implement the license condition and resolve customer complaints.

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ISPs with Toll-Free Number

It has been started with the objective of freeing the customer from calling and allowing the customer to register their grievances for free at any time.

toll-free number of internet service providers

So far, Nepal Telecom Company Limited (Nepal Telecom), Worldlink Communication Limited, Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd., Broadband Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Techminds Network, and Eastlink Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Similarly, service providers including Vianet and Classic Tech are also preparing for it.

Toll-Free Number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Here are the six toll-free numbers of the ISPs.

  1. Nepal Telecom Company Limited (Nepal Telecom): 1498, 198
  2. Worldlink Communication Limited: 166001-55050
  3. Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd.: 166001-59999
  4. Broadband Nepal Pvt. Ltd.: 166071-52004
  5. Techminds Network: 16605651222 (NTC), 9801575666 (Ncell)
  6. Eastlink Technology Pvt. Ltd.: 166071-95985

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