Digital Organizing Campaign by UNITES NEPAL | Video Editing Workshop

Digital Organizing Campaign by UNITES NEPAL |  Video Editing Workshop

UNITES NEPAL Video Editing Workshop

UNITES NEPAL organized a five days Video Editing Workshop from the 7th of November to the 12th of November. As a part of their digital organizing campaign, this training was conducted virtually in the online platform i.e zoom. There were about 25 participants involved in this workshop and participants were mostly from IT backgrounds i.e ICT students, freelancers, and Workers.

The workshop was facilitated by resource person Simosh BC who is working as a “Video Strategist” in a Kantipur Media Group.

The training included Basics tools of Adobe Premier tools to Advance Video Posting Ideas for different social media like Youtube and TikTok.

Not limited to this, they will also provide opportunities for an internship/entry-level job position to their associated partner companies.

Associated partners of this program were  Digital Hive, ICT BYTE, Maitighar Updates, Your Voice Matters, and ICT Frame.

Moreover, the participants also got general membership of UNITES Nepal as soon as they attended this event.

Why UNITES NEPAL Video Editing Workshop|Digital Organizing Campaign?

In this digitally evolving generation, skills like Image Designing, Photo Editing, and Video Editing have become general skills for everyone. So with this motive, they thought to train and provide some skills to the ICT students and professionals.

They are planning to organize these kinds of skill development workshops every month in the topics like CV writing, Content Writing, Web Designing, Photoshop and many more.

With the same aim UNITES NEPAL had already been providing various training and support programs for ICT professionals in Nepal since the very beginning.


UNITES NEPAL is a forum affiliated with UNI Nepal, for ICTS professionals and students based in Nepal. They unite ICT Freelancers, ICT Experts, ICT Students, and ICT workers from Nepal.

UNITES Nepal‘s aim is to provide different types of security to IT professionals and also bring revolution in the IT industry of Nepal.

With the establishment in Magh 1, 2067 B.S. (15 Jan 2011) they have been leading democratic IT Professionals and IT workers.

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