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How To Install Linux On Chromebook?

How To Install Linux On Chromebook?

If you are trying to install Linux on Chromebook then this article might help you. Before diving into the main topic, lets clear some doubts. Do you know what is Chromebook? Well, if you are unaware about Chromebook then don’t worry we are here yo help you.

A laptop or tab that runs a Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system is known as Chromebook. In order to be clear let’s make it very simple. Chromebook are computers that don’t run Windows. Mac or Linux-based operating system instead they have different OS known as Chrome Os.

install linux on chromebook

What is Chrome Os? In simple language, its an operating system based on linux which is developed and owned by google. The task you can perform in Chrome for Windows and Mac , you can do in Chrome Os. The main advantage of Chrome Os is that it is super wasy to use but also has some disadvantages.

Why do we need Linux On Chromebook?

Although Chrome Os is based on linux kernel, it doesn’t let you do many things or perform many functions of linux. Even simple commands of linux might not work.

Ways TO Install Linux On Chromebook!!

The following are the steps to install linux on chromebook:

Step1: Enable developer mode

  • Take your Chromebook into recovery mode by pressing esc, refresh key and powerbutton together.
  • When the recovery mode appears, press Cntrl+D to turn on developer mode.
  • Press Enter and wait for some time. It will reboot during the process.
  • After thr process is completed, you will see screen with red exclamation sign. It automatically
  • reboots into Chrome OS untill then dont press any key.

Step2: Intstall Crouton

Though there are many wasy of installing linux on Chromebook, installing crouton is one of them. Crouton is a software which is used to create an enviroment on Chromebook to install linux based OS like Ububtu, Linux Mint, and others using the same hardware specification as Chrome OS.

Now lets discuss the steps:-

  • From the GitHub page download crouton.
  • Press Cntrl+Alt+T and open terminal in Chromebook.
  • To enter Ubuntu shell run the following command.
install linux on chromebooks
  • After entering into the shell, run the following command to install Crouton
install linux on chromebooks
  • There might be the chance that you are using Chromebook pixel, Asus flipbook or any touchscreen Chromebook. In that case use following command
install linux on chromebooks
  • It takes some time to install Crouton. After the completion new box will pop up asking username and password for Ubuntu installation.
  • After installation use the following command to start the Ubuntu Linux desktop environment
install linux on chromebooks

This is the process to install Ubuntu Xfce environment. Moreover, if you want to install Ubuntu desktop enviroment, replace xfce with unity

Step3: Optimizing the Linux desktop enviroment

  • If you want to switch between chrome os and ubuntu , press cntrl+alt+shift+back
  • cntrl+alt +shift +forward for ARM based chromebook and cntrl+alt+back and cntrl+alt+forward for intel based chromebook.
  • If you want to exit the Ubuntu Linux desktop then logout from standard PC. To start again the Linux desktop environment run Sudo startxfce4.

Congratulations!! If you have succesfully installed linux on chromebook.

How to remove Ubuntu Linux from Chromebooks?

install linux on chromebook

If you wish to remove linux from chromebook then you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Goto terminal by pressing cntrl+alt+T.
  • Enter: shell
  • Enter: cd/usr/local/chroot
  • Enter: sudo-delete chroot*
  • Enter: sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin

After completing these above steps you can remove Ubuntu from Chromebok.


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