TikTok Launches Business Advertising Feature

TikTok Launches Business Advertising Feature

The popular Chinese app for short video sharing, Tiktok, has opened an advertisement for commercial purposes.

Named the Self Serve Ad Platform, the service allows anyone to advertise their business at a glance. Tiktok had been testing for such a service for months.

This platform will be similar to the advertising platform offered by other social networks. Where a business brand can do its own marketing or advertising itself.

Those who want to market their brand and business on Tiktok can start the ad process by opening the ad creation flow within the app. There is a simple ad set up option in which the target user, location, and time can be selected.

It’s like Facebook’s ad manager platform. The platform also has options like video templates and auto-editing tools.

The process of creating custom content compatible with the platform is easy. It’s similar to the video ad creation tool recently released by Snapchat.

India has recently banned TikTok, while the United States has said it plans to ban some Chinese apps, including TikTok.

In a country with a large number of users, such as India, the ban is expected to affect the revenue and impact of TikTok.

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