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Shivam Cement Mobile App: Review

Shivam Cement Mobile App: Review

In Nepal, the Coronavirus has impacted every field. The economy in every area is falling down. Many businesses have been affected by the virus. Many companies are shutting down. The flow of people in the market is less. Due to which buying and selling activities are less. But if we have to live this way then we need to change the way we work. Digitalization is one of the ways to keep our businesses flowing. So, to keep their business moving one of the largest cement company in Nepal Shivam cement have launched their own mobile-based cement app ‘Shivam Cement’. It is the first cement ordering and delivery service in Nepal. Since the cement demand has declined in Nepal it is a great step towards digitalization for doing business.

Shivam Cement app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It can be used by both the customers and the cement dealers.

Getting started with Shivam Cement app

1. Download the Shivam Cement app from Play Store or Apple App Store

2. Then two login options will be available one for the customer and another for dealer

Shivam app login

3. Select login as a customer then sign up using mobile number and password

Shivam app login

4. After approving terms and conditions click Sign Up

5. Then fill the verification form with pin code which will be sent to your phone

Shivam app verify

6. Tap verify OTP then login to your account

8. Then dashboard appears which has options like products schemes and promotions

Shivam app dashboard

9. To order select place order ‘+’ option on your bottom right corner

10. Select the province, district, and delivery location (only available in Bagmati Pradesh ) then

11. Tap next then Select the quantity you need and you need to select more than ten then tap next

app option

12. Fill the billing and delivery details after that tap next

13. Scroll the required delivery date then tap ok

 app date

14. Your delivery summary is provided then tap order

Shivam app summary

Note: We need to pay for VAT and Nrs 250 additional delivery charges also discount is provided.

Play Store rating: 3.4/5

Verdict on Shivam Cement App:


  • In the context of Nepal, this is a good step for doing business.
  • Gives information about products and schemes
  • Easy delivery for cement
  • Benefit for both dealers and customers


  • Only available in Bagmati province
  • We need to sign up to see the cement prices or any other information
  • Delivery charge Nrs 250

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