hult prize ioe pulchowk semifinal


The HultPrize at IOE Pulchowk Campus -2021/22 is taking its next leap.

With “Getting the World Back to Work” as the theme of the year’s challenge, the On-Campus program at Pulchowk Campus has been nothing but revolutionary.

With four Entrepreneurship Talk series and two workshops completed in the span of a month with national and international guest speakers, collaboration of eleven constituent colleges of the country, the program was featured as the top On-Campus program of the month globally.

A total of 104 amazing entrepreneurial teams have registered at HultPrize at IOE Pulchowk Campus, ready to bring the global economy back after the pandemic.

After a series of one on one mentorships arranged at the On-Campus with Bajra Technologies, Impact Hub, Vertex Nepal On February 5th, 2022 Saturday, the big Semi Finale pitch is in the lineup.

In, the semi-finale the competing teams will pitch their business ideas to a panel of expert judges to advance to the finales. 50 teams of 3-4 students out of the 104 will get to pitch at the semi finales selected based on business proposals submitted by each teams.

The judging panel for the semi finales include iconic game-changers and industry experts namely- Mr. Piyush Verma, Mr. Mohammed Jia Uddin, Mr. Tushar Jadhav, and Ms. Christine Gould.

Besides the cutthroat pitches, the program will also host guest speakers with experiences in entrepreneurship and the business ecosystem.

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