Back to Back Events Organized By Hult Prize, Nepal Engineering College

Back to Back Events Organized By Hult Prize, Nepal Engineering College

Hult Prize at Nepal Engineering College has successfully conducted three different sessions virtually
through Zoom app where a large number of students from the college, audiences along with the speakers
showed their participation.

A virtual event on “Learn to Pitch and Present” was held on 25th January, 2022 to expand the capabilities of participants while pitching or presenting their ideas. Mr. Aashutosh Mani Tripathi was the key speaker of the session who presented his idea beautifully on the topic. The ideas presented by him brought a plus point to the participants for their further competition. He also taught some vocal warmup exercises for pitching, which was fun to practice. Participants and audiences had some questions which then were all answered by Mr. Tripathi with clarity. The session was formally ended by the Campus Director Miss Tania Lamichhane by handing the token of love to Mr. Aashutosh Mani Tripathi. “Learning to frame your pitch is the first step towards marketing your project” she advised the

Another event on the topic “Proposal and Report writing” was conducted on 27
th January, 2022 presented by Mr. Samrat Parajuli. The event was accomplished with the active involvement of audiences, participants and members of Hult Prize at nec. Mr. Parajuli provided the necessary guidelines for writing Reports and Proposals with proper formatting. Overall, the session was fruitful and interactive. Participants also gave a good response about the event. They were glad to have such an informative session.

On February 1, 2022 Hult Prize at nec conducted its third training session on “Business Analysis” to help the participants establish their idea in the market. Mr. Prawesh Gautam (Youth Advisor at YOUTH-CAN, and Co-Owner at CHIYA’s) was the key speaker of the session. Mr. Gautam shared his idea regarding business model explaining it with the help of business model canvas. Participants also got to learn about the basics of SWOT and PESTLE analysis. The session was worthwhile attending to learn the basics of business analysis and its essence in making an idea standout in the crowd of millions.

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