Microsoft Excel Training at Hult Prize at PU, Lalitpur Successfully Conducted!

Microsoft Excel Training at Hult Prize at PU, Lalitpur Successfully Conducted!

On February 2nd, Hult Prize at PU Lalitpur community conducted “Microsoft-Excel Training ” through the virtual meet. Over 40 participants interacted throughout one and a half hours. Despite the limitations of an online medium, the enthusiasm of individuals could be felt throughout the event.

The session was a spectacle and as the participants were pining for more and because of the constraint of time the training was conducted in two sessions: the first session on January 28 and the second session was done on February 2nd.

The event hosted by the host Dikshya Thapa was initiated with greetings to the audience and trainer of the session Mr Sandesh Dhakal who happens to be the Information Technology head of Quest International College. Presenting the complete overview of Microsoft Excel and its necessities in the business world, he familiarized the participants with the Excel interface, ribbon components, customization, important Excel shortcuts. He focused on cell basics, as well as modification, formulas, and functions along with the understanding of worksheets, rows, and columns. In the second session the trainer covered the topics like pivot table ,pivot chart ,sorting ,filtering summarizing data, visualizing data.

 The event was more interactive as the participants got to practice along and the trainee’s questions were addressed right where they got confused. Through a lively Q/A session, he solved the issues, providing resources to the audience for further enlightenment of knowledge.

With the expectation of participants being met and a sense of gratification on the face of the organizing committee, the program came to an end. The audiences’ and trainers’ enthusiastic exchanges were undoubtedly the highlights of the successful session.

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