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Sthaniya Taha App(Local level app) Review

Sthaniya Taha App(Local level app) Review

Department of Information Technology (DOIT) of Nepal recently released a new app called the local level app or the Sthaniya taha app. This local level app will be used by local level citizens to know about the services and information of their own locality as well as the whole Nation. This application will be used for all the 753 local levels of Nepal.

Currently, 433 local levels have brought this application to use. Also, the apps currently available on Play Store or App store that are made for individual local levels with different names will also stop working after the launch of this Local level app.

What is the Sthaniya taha app (Local level app)?

local level app home

This app was recently released by the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) of Nepal. Before the release of this app, the local levels had their own individual apps for their local level. However, this app will now include all the local levels of Nepal and every citizen from all the local levels will be able to use it.

By using the Sthaniya taha app, citizens will now be able to know about the following details of local level:

  • services
  • programs and plans
  • act regulation
  • ward details
  • important places
  • emergency numbers
  • suggestions and complaints submission
  • register complaints
  • public opinion submission
  • other notices and information
  • Covid-19 information

The Local level app will also provide Covid-19 information on the local level. In addition, you will also be able to make payment using a digital wallet for local-level services provided to the citizens.

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How to use the Local level app (Sthaniya taha App)

Using the Sthaniya Taha app

– While first using the app, you can either register with your email or log in as a guest.

– After that, you will have to select the district and then the municipality of which you want to know the information.

– Then, you will be able to view the information and services of that municipality.

– There are various options available as soon as you use the app. The main navigation is divided into “Home”, “Services”, “News”, and “Menu”.

How to change municipality in the Sthaniya Taha app (Local level app)?

To change the municipality, go to “Menu” options on the bottom right corner, and then select “Nagarpalika paribartan” which is the Municipality change option. After that, you can select the municipality of your choice.

Do I need to have an account to use the Local level app?

No, you can use it as a guest as well without an account.

sthaniya taha app menu

You can use the navigation options on the app to get information about the services provided at the local level. You can know about the service price and documents required as well. Information about the office times of different offices is also available.

local level app services

You will also get the option to read news related to the municipality on the app. Moreover, it has other various features such as public opinion where you can vote your opinions. In addition, it has information on the law and acts of Nepal, which will be very informative to the people.

Sthaniya taha app (Local level app) review

I have used the Local level app on my smartphone myself. At a glance, it looks feature packed with so many options and services available. You can access pretty much most of the features by logging in as a guest. There are a lot of information and sections, so it might take some time before you know all the sections of the app.

It is very informative and you can get insights and information on the local level (municipality level). It will help you get more informed about your municipality. Also, it has a lot of information on the services and offices so that it becomes more easier for you to know about them.

However, the Tax payment section still seems to be unavailable although the option is there on the app. It simply notifies that the service is currently unavailable. In addition, I have read reviews and some people have also been facing various issues with the app. The app seems to crash while using some features or sections of the app. Many people are facing bugs in the app.

Well, this is not the final iteration of the app, and we are sure that more updates will be on its way. The app will be more polished and better if the developer provides regular updates. So, for now, although there may be some bugs and errors, it is still useful as it will provide most of us more information than we already know.

Download the Sthaniya taha app (Local level app) for Android or iOS

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