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Kullabs: Nepal’s e-learning platform

Kullabs: Nepal’s e-learning platform

With the current Covid-19 pandemic not showing any signs of ending soon, students around the world have been affected. Schools and colleges are shut down for a long time now, so they are adapting the online learning system. However, not all schools or colleges are conducting online classes and many students are not being able to study. At such a situation, online learning platform like Kullabs come into play.

Most of us are familiar with online learning international platforms like Udemy and Coursera. They provide learning materials on a large variety of categories that you can access online. These platforms can be accessed from anywhere and anyone can study what they like. Kullabs is such a platform for Nepal.

What is Kullabs?

Kullabs Home

Kullabs is a digital platform where both the students and teachers can motivate creativity and be a free source of knowledge. This application was built with a vision to create a fusion between education and technology. This platform will provide the freedom to the users to decide by themselves as to how, where, and what he/she wants to learn.

Kullabs creates a new way of learning in Nepal. It will allow an individual to learn at their own pace without any competition. This platform is useful for both the teachers who want to teach and to students who want to learn. This application will help break the boundaries of money, geography, or any other disability in regard to the education system.

What can you learn at Kullabs?

Kullabs courses

This platform provides study materials for students from grade 6 to grade 12. In addition, you also get other extra materials that other users may want to learn about. The courses are divided into classes and you can study the courses based on the grade. Almost all subjects for each grade are available in this platform.

Besides the general subjects of all the grades from grade 6 to grade 12, you can also access extra references and others. The topics in these sections are as follows:

Extra references include:

  • General Knowledge and IQ
  • Miscellaneous
  • Engineering
  • Physics for 12
  • Computer Basics
  • Teacher Training
  • Grammar
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Principle of Management
  • Social Studies
  • Maths
  • Science

Others include:

  • Book Keeping & Accounting concept
  • Accounting equation
  • Journal
  • Ledger
  • New Accounting system
  • Bank cash book

and many more.

These course have different learning options. These include:

  • Notes
  • Videos
  • Exercises
  • Practice Tests

How to use Kullabs?

You can either use the Android app or the website of Kullabs to get access to the study materials.

Are the courses in Kullabs free?

Yes, the study materials in Kullabs are free to access.

Do I need to register to get access to classes?

No. You can access the classes even without registering as well.

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How to register in Kullabs?

Although there is a registration section, I could not register myself as it showed error in my phone number. The error message alerted that my phone number must be of 10 digits which it was, but it still showed error no matter how many times I tried.

Register at Kullabs

However, you can log in using your Gmail or Facebook so, you still have the option to log in. Once you log in, then it asks you to choose your occupation whether you are a student or a teacher. If you are a student, then you need to select what grade you are in, and if you are a teacher, you need to select what subjects you teach.

Select occupation

After that, you are successfully logged in. Now, you can create your profile and start your learning journey.

Kullabs: Review and opinions

This platform is a very revolutionary platform for Nepal. Now, students can access quality education from anywhere no matter the geography. This app will hugely reduce the quality gap that students are facing due to the difference in geography as well as the quality of schools and colleges.

Once it becomes bug free and more courses are added, this platform will become even more popular and useful.

However, the platform does not seem completely error free as I mentioned above with the registration process. Also, once I logged in, I tried changing my profession from teacher to student which did not change even after I saved the changes. So, the platform still seems to have some bug issues but it will be solved in the future as they are constantly working to improve the experience.

This platform will be very useful and more so in the present condition where colleges and schools have been shut for so long. Students can really make good use of this time by learning from this platform. Although, schools and colleges may be shut, but learning should not stop and this platform will help you with it.

I believe that people should give this platform a try and encourage the process of online learning as well.

This application is currently available only as a web app and Android app.

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