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ISP’s of Nepal reduced Internet Speed

ISP’s of Nepal reduced Internet Speed

We cannot imagine our life without the Internet. The Internet has become our basic need and part of our life. Its the means that keep us updated in this digital world.

Especially at this lockdown time Internet users have been increased. As a result, more consumption reduced Internet Speed.

Well, the situations are not that bad until now. Everybody has been lockdown and staying at their homes. The internet consumption rate has become really high means many peoples are using the internet all the time.

Most of us are blaming ISPs and complaining instantly about reduced internet speed.

It’s obvious that everybody has paid their amount and has the right to use it whenever and whatever amount they want.

I can understand how it feels to use lagged internet, buffering even to load pages.

But it’s not ISP’s fault right now and we have to understand it and have patience. We must look for possible solutions together.

With almost everyone using the internet at the same time continuously, ISP’s are in a state of crisis right now. More demands and less supply are clashing.ISPs are trying their best to make this balance.

How the supply of internet works is, they divide certain groups and allocate certain bandwidth and not everyone used to use it at the same time. But recently everyone is using it at the same time. This has caused very slow internet and buffering most times.

In ISPs since everybody is staying at home, there is a fewer number of employees to handle this traffic.

To address this situation, Vianet and Worldlink had made requests on their Facebook to use less bandwidth as possible in possible ways.

reduce internet speed vianet

worldlink reduced internet speed

So let’s stop blaming ISPS as they weren’t also prepared for this unusual rapid increase in bandwidth. We as end-users should understand this and make proper use of the Internet so that everyone can use it.

According to Bhoj Raj Bhatta, President of Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal, bandwidth consumption had increased by 22-25 % within the past few days.

Let’s co-operate and use alternatives to consume the Internet in a proper way.

Guidelines to follow during Peak hours:

  • Avoid downloading movies, Large files.
  • Do not upload huge videos, highest quality files. Try to limit the quality as far as possible.
  • Don’t use the Internet continuously, Engage more in creative activities.
  • Do not use torrent and other download applications that consume high bandwidth.
  • Do not explore the router settings yourself and understand the situation.

[Please understand it otherwise in some more days we will have to live without the Internet if the condition goes worse.]

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