Interview with Co-founder of Sudreeshya IT Training Academy

Interview with Co-founder of Sudreeshya IT Training Academy

We can see there is a vast gap between the Educational institutions and real job markets. There is increase in the training institutions these days that provide the skills and training required for the real work environment.

Why do you think these training institutes are increasing these days? Does Nepal really lack in skill development and personality development?

Talking about the IT industry there are so many institutions till date. Many of them provide skills and training in different programming languages and software development along with internship opportunities.

Sudreekshya IT Training Academy is also a similar one. We asked some of the questions to the Co-founder about this need of a training institution.

Here is what he had to say;

Interview with Co-founder of Sudreeshya IT Training Academy

1. Why do you think the need for establishing an IT Training Academy? Is college/university level education is not sufficient for IT students?

In the current situation, the pace at which the IT industry is evolving in is far greater than the pace in which our universities are adapting the required syllabus. This difference has created a gap between the manpower that IT companies are expecting and the manpower that the universities/colleges are putting out.

This is why academies like Sudreeshya are vital in keeping the employment flow steady as we fill in that gap as effectively and efficiently as possible. Academies like ours closely observe the market trends and company requirements and compare that data with the output of colleges/universities and mend the gaps where necessary with specific courses and training.

2. Tell us something about Sudreeshya IT Training Academy?

Sudreeshya IT Training Academy, an Official Learning Partner of F1Soft Group of Companies is a coalition between IT companies where students are taught, trained to be professional, and hired right after the course ends. Sudreeshya offers a broad adaptive curriculum for our students, with our engaging resources.

We introduce students to digital literacy; help them get the most of their productivity through mentorship from leaders of the IT industry in Nepal. We also offer professional development through the latest technology courses and industry-recognized tutors who help succeed in their education and help in getting rewarding careers. We, Sudreeshya are the only IT Institute to start a mentorship program in Nepal where we train students from the very first semester till the end of the academic courses which will not make them skilled IT personnel but also make them ready to take on the professional world.

3. What are your thoughts about the recent talents and job market of the IT industry?

The IT job market has been gradually growing. However as is the situation with any other field in the country, the IT industry is also facing a massive manpower outsourcing problem. Capable IT engineers are leaving the country thus creating a massive vacuum of skilled manpower. There are instances where IT companies are not able to find sought after IT engineers. For example, currently finding iOS developers is a hassle for any IT company, effectively hindering their potential to reach customers that might be using an iPhone. Also, another problem that is not often talked about is that most of the software developers are concentrated in the capital only and elsewhere the resource is scarce and limited.

4. What are the difficulties you are facing during Online classes? Is Nepal ready for online education at this time?

The major problem that we are facing is the accessibility of the internet among the students. This is probably an issue that almost all other online institutes will be facing. Another problem that we are facing is the day to day monitoring of our students. And whether Nepal is ready for online classes should not be the question.

We should rather analyze if the situation demands online classes or not. If it does, then we have to be ready one way or another.

5. What are the extra opportunities that students will get in Sudreeshya? Why Sudreeshya?

Sudreeshya Academy takes both training and placement very seriously.

We are associated with 30+ IT companies as their recruitment partner and 15+ online job portals. They have helped us maintain a healthy student placement ratio.

Apart from the technical side of our training, our students also receive various soft skills and personality to develop training, career counseling.

6. Where are your students now in the IT market?

Till date, we have maintained an 85% placement record with our students currently working as interns and up to permanent employees in F1Soft International Company, eSewa Pvt Ltd, Cogent Health Pvt Ltd, Diyalo Technologies Pvt Ltd,,, Logica Beans Pvt Ltd, Extenso Data Pvt Ltd, Kodiary Technologies Pvt Ltd, YAJ Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Y & A Technologies Pvt Ltd, Karuna Technologies Pvt Ltd, Shiran Technologies Pvt Ltd, and many other IT companies.

Most of my students are currently working as Project Manager, Senior Developer, Senior QA.

7. Provide your final words if any, for all the students and your followers.

At Sudreeshya IT Training Academy, it has always been our core principle to give our students the finest of every resource and environment to develop their skills to the extent of perfection.

Today, this very principle has enabled us to be recognized by all the major IT companies in the market.

Not only are our students getting the best class of IT training but also being sought after by all the major companies for an internship, because they too have realized that Sudreeshya Academy is the one-stop place to look for raw and driven IT professional.

It gives me so much joy and satisfaction to have been a part of this amazing journey, this amazing academy, and this amazing staff. This very sensation drives me every day to do it all with even more productivity, more efficiency, and more diligence.
Come join us at Sudreeshya Academy. We look forward to serving you to reach your career goals with all we have.

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