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Digital Samvad – Digital and Online Education for iGen Z



To mark the National ICT Day 2020, there will be an open discussion on the topic of “Digital and Online Education for iGenZ (1995-2012) for enabling them to Go Digital”. Starting this National ICT Day, we are striving to transform this forum for initiating interaction, discussion, dialogue, discourse, and developing the digital ecosystem of Nepal – Digital Samvad.


iGen Z is the target group of people who are born between 1995-2012. These are the major demography in Nepal who are currently pursuing their school level and college-level education. There exist numerous digital platforms, solutions, and technologies to enable this iGen to go Digital for their day to day learning activities. However, awareness, preparedness, and productive teaching, learning experience seem far distant.

The objective of the Samvad:

  • Stocktaking of digital and online solutions for iGen Z to Go Digital in Nepal.
  • Monitor how these solutions are reaching out to the end-user and are these being optimally utilized.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the entire digital education support ecosystem in Nepal.
  • Develop a possible future courses of action and mechanism to assist new and emerging digital and online solutions in the education sector for iGen Z.

Program Details:

  • Topic: Digital Samvad – Digital and Online Education for iGen Z
  • Date: May 02, 2020 (Baisakh 20, 2077), Saturday
  • Time: 12:50 PM to 2.30 PM (NPT)
  • Join us online @ Zoom/Team here:
  • Meeting ID: 656 1582 9361
  • More Information: please visit Google docs page @
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KU Hackfest 2022 | 36-hour Long International Digital-first Hybrid Hackathon



ICT BYTE had some short chitchat with organizer of KU Hackfest 2022. Here is what you need to know

1. What actually is KU HackFest and why should one participate?

KU HackFest 2022 is a 36-hour long international digital-first hybrid hackathon that is being organised by Kathmandu University Computer Club from 5th till 7th August 2022, where more than 300 students will be participating through physical and virtual meetups. KU HackFest 2022 envisions bringing creative minds together to collaboratively create something that can spark a change in the future of technology. It is the best platform to showcase one’s coding skills, build impactful technological solutions and also win amazing gifts, prizes, swags, and cash rewards. Participants will gain tremendous skills and experiences in new technology, teamwork, and brainstorming solution-oriented innovative concepts along with proper mentorship and guidance.

2. What is the procedure for participants?  

First of all, you have to register for the event. The registration process is super easy! We have partnered with Devfolio, which is the one-stop platform you’ll use throughout the hackathon, from registration up until the project submission. If you already have a team, make sure you and each of your team members apply. 

Once registered, each team will have 36 hours to prepare a project relevant to at least one track in our Hackfest. Participants must build something that portrays their idea in the form of a Minimum Viable Product. The product built must communicate clearly the vision of the team and it must be relevant to at least one primary track. All submissions are to be made within the given deadline on the day of the Hackfest. Participants must also make and submit a short demonstration video of their project. The maximum length allowed for this video is 3 minutes.

In between the event, if participants encounter a challenge that they aren’t able to solve, they can take help from mentors through an ask-mentor ticket as well.

3. Do you have any messages to your sponsors? Why should this event be sponsored?  

We are a group of young enthusiasts organising a huge event on a global scale. For this, we need a lot of support in various forms, which we are seeking from the sponsors. Our last program was a huge success with 613 participants from 29 different countries worldwide submitting a total of 58 projects. We can assure you that we will advertise your company with banners and also market your company and brand to all the attendees at the event. There is a detailed document for sponsors which you can find here.

4. What is the plan after this event? What will be the outcome?  

After this event follows another event, IT Meet which will bring tech-enthusiasts from around the globe together for a change. An exchange of ideas could bring a massive upliftment in technology. Being able to work on challenges, explore creative outlets, collaborate with a community, take networking, learn new skills, meet great people and win cash prizes and swags are a few things that this hackfest helps you achieve. Young aspiring technology enthusiasts would learn a lot of things that could help them till the end of their journey in tech. People sharing similar interests get to connect through this event and the networking gets strong.

5. Some more words from the Organiser

The organiser believes that this is the opportunity no one should miss out on. This event equips you with the powerful skills and proper guidance that can be helpful for the rest of your life. You should give KU HackFest a chance if you are waiting for something to awaken the tech-bee inside you.

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IT Olympiad Nepal – Nationwide Quiz Contest 2022 to be organized



it olympiad nepal

IT Olympiad Nepal is organizing the Nationwide Quiz Contest 2022.

The quiz contest will represent representatives from 7 provinces in Nepal including 50+ districts and 500+ schools. The expected number of students is more than 10,000.

The registration is open for Grade XII i.e final exam appeared students and Grade X – SEE Appeared students.

One can register via Sajilo Pay App. The deadline for school and student registration is 23rd of Ashad, 2079.

This event is sponsored by Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Telecom, PABSON, NPABSAN and Aadim National College.

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Cyber Security

Multi-stakeholder Discussion on Cyber ​​Security Policy and Process is going to happen in Nepal



According to the press release released by Center for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, an event related to Cyber Security is going to be organized. Huawei’s main sponsor of the event.

The organizer of the program is CSRI Nepal along with Information Technology Response Team, Nepal, which has been conducting research, innovation, training and awareness programs in the field of information communication and technology and cyber security.

The upcoming program is titled ‘Multi-stakeholder Discussion on Cyber ​​Security Policy and Process ‘.

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