Digital Samvad – Digital and Online Education for iGen Z

Digital Samvad – Digital and Online Education for iGen Z

To mark the National ICT Day 2020, there will be an open discussion on the topic of “Digital and Online Education for iGenZ (1995-2012) for enabling them to Go Digital”. Starting this National ICT Day, we are striving to transform this forum for initiating interaction, discussion, dialogue, discourse, and developing the digital ecosystem of Nepal – Digital Samvad.


iGen Z is the target group of people who are born between 1995-2012. These are the major demography in Nepal who are currently pursuing their school level and college-level education. There exist numerous digital platforms, solutions, and technologies to enable this iGen to go Digital for their day to day learning activities. However, awareness, preparedness, and productive teaching, learning experience seem far distant.

The objective of the Samvad:

  • Stocktaking of digital and online solutions for iGen Z to Go Digital in Nepal.
  • Monitor how these solutions are reaching out to the end-user and are these being optimally utilized.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the entire digital education support ecosystem in Nepal.
  • Develop a possible future courses of action and mechanism to assist new and emerging digital and online solutions in the education sector for iGen Z.

Program Details:

  • Topic: Digital Samvad – Digital and Online Education for iGen Z
  • Date: May 02, 2020 (Baisakh 20, 2077), Saturday
  • Time: 12:50 PM to 2.30 PM (NPT)
  • Join us online @ Zoom/Team here:
  • Meeting ID: 656 1582 9361
  • More Information: please visit Google docs page @
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