Challenges of Tech Bloggers in Nepal. Here is What Experts Say.

Challenges of Tech Bloggers in Nepal. Here is What Experts Say.

Tech bloggers challenge Webinar was held on April 23, 4-5 PM.

Speakers for this webinar :

  • Siddhant Mandal, Founder & CEO of TechPatro
  • Shreeman Bhandari, Manager of Gadget Concern
  • Niraj Bhusal, Founder of Techsathi
  • Sumi Prajapati, Content Manager of ICTByte
  • Yural Maskey, CEO of Gadgetbyte Nepal
  • Basanta K. Dhakal, Freelancer and a Blogger

The event was moderated by Mina Aryal, Chief Editor of ICTFRAME.

After successful completion of this first meetup of Tech bloggers forum in Webinar here is what speakers had to say on the different challenges faced in the tech blogging industry.

Yural Maskey, CEO of Gadgetbyte Nepal

He is the CEO of Gadgetbyte Nepal. He says, in the initial days when he started Gadgetbyte in Nepal in 2013, It was very difficult for them in the tech industry as many people were unaware of digital marketing. There was a lack of awareness among people. They even had to make people understand What is reviewing any product. According to him, the main challenge was to aware the people and educate the companies.

Additionally, he also mentioned, with respect to the global market, product launching in Nepal is very late. So, there is a late flow of information. Comparing with the global tech industry Nepal had less tech audience and they are not enough educated and interested to read blogs. According to him, the budget of the tech company is very low, they can’t afford high-cost gadgets, which means fewer resources is another challenge.

Moreover, he also mentioned that there is no proper government policy regarding the tech industry in Nepal. There are high supplies of unauthorized gadgets due to which, its challenges for authorized dealers. This causes fewer sales and it has a direct impact on less employment.

Basanta K. Dhakal, Freelancer and a Blogger

Basanta Dhakal is a freelancer and a blogger.
He was asked about the sustainability in Tech Blogging Industry. How people start blogging as a passion and face difficulty in sustainability?

According to him, It depends upon the person’s perception, how they think. It is seen that many people start blogging as a passion, but they failed to put hard work upon it. There are many additional backup plans and earning plans. He added, Engaging users and earning through the ads could help bloggers for economic sustainability. So, tech industries should collaborate with each other for this.

He added more on the opportunity, strength, and weakness of the tech Blogging Industry.

He says the greatest strength of blogging is that blogging provides deeper knowledge about any topic. News sites only tell us about the specific topics and the blogging actually helps them to elaborate on the exact thing about any product. They can actually review it and provide suggestions to the users.

On the other hand, the weaknesses are the lack of proper knowledge of content. For example, there are lots of COVID-19 websites launched recently, but there are no proper information flow and content on a particular site.
He further added as an opportunity as, till now we had few numbers of bloggers and content writers so there are so many opportunities in this field. Still, there are lots of topics that are needed to explore and create the contents.

Niraj Bhusal, Founder of Techsathi

Niraj Bhusal is the Founder of Techsathi. He shared how he started Techsathi and about his one year of experience and sustainability in the tech industry.

He started Tech Sathi as a passion for blogging and writing in April 2019. Later he hired a content writer, video editor, and editorial to produce high-quality content. Tech Sathi is in the rapid growth phase with 13k followers on Facebook. The team successfully completed and celebrated the 1 year anniversary today. And they have a huge source of the audience mainly from organic search.

Talking about the challenges he mentioned there is a huge crowd in tech blogging. There are more writers writing about the same topics and making reviews about the same product. So it’s a challenging task to write on the unique topics and contents. He suggested to the tech bloggers to create tech stories and connect the title with the content and engage users.

Siddhant Mandal, Founder & CEO of TechPatro

He is Founder & CEO ofTechPatro. He was asked about the challenges he faced while establishing Techpatro from out of the Kathmandu valley residing in Biratnagar.

According to him, the main challenge was to collect information and resources.

He also mentioned almost 77% of Internet users read blogs. So there is a great opportunity in the blogging industry. Search engines are also frequently updating the ranking algorithms and SEO techniques, so the blogging industry is evolving and opportunities still need to be explored.

Sumi Prajapati, Content Manager at ICTByte

Sumi is the Content Manager at ICTByte.

She was asked about the importance of the SEO strategy while managing the content in the blog.

She says, SEO definitely plays an important role in the website. It helps to rank the website in the search engines like Google and attract more audiences. As a result of more traffic, means more users to filter out the targeted audience. Engaging the Audience is what makes the blog efficient and more sustainable.
She also added along with the SEO the blog should have valuable content worth reading for users and to keep them engaged in the website.

Shreeman Bhandari, Manager of Gadget Concern

Shreeman Bhandari is the Manager of Gadget Concern.
He is the youngest blogger and student who is managing his blogging all the way from Dang. He started the blogging career as a passion and interest with one of his friends. Later, He also shared how he is managing his time and blogging efficiently.
He says the passion and interest in blogging have made me active in this field. Further, he is managing his extra time in blogging along with the regular studies.

He sets an example as the hardworking person to keep his interest alive.

Sanjiv Dulal, Operation Manager of Gadget Frame

He is Operation Manager of Gadget Frame.

He was asked as Why is the Tech bloggers are not recognized in the IT Industry and had less importance. Why it is important to have unity among tech bloggers in Nepal?

He says, In the context of Nepal tech blogging is at a good pace, and in the good developing phase right now. It’s obvious that every startup had to work hard at the initial phase and hard work is the key component that keeps them sustain.
It’s very important to unite the tech bloggers as it will help them to grow together. He further added, Unity helps everyone for information spreading. It will help everyone to learn from their mistakes and reviewing each other to grow equally evolving from the challenges.

Our words about the Webinar

First of all Thanks to every Speaker and participants. This was a great initiation to bring all the tech bloggers together. It was very good to hear everyone’s perspective and challenges how they started and they are doing these days. Special thanks to ICTFrame for hosting the event.

There were a few technical errors and a scarcity of time due to which only a few topics were covered. But we really look forward to being part of these kinds of events and webinars more in the future.

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