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Be aware of Unknown Calls and SMS. Security Tips by Vianet

Be aware of Unknown Calls and SMS. Security Tips by Vianet

Many users of Vianet communications are getting unusual calls and messages nowadays. This started to happen after data breaching of Vianet communications.

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Vianet Communications, in their official facebook page now requests its users to security measures. Also, the company provides some viber security tips.

In the notice, “Be aware of Unknown Calls/SMS” is highlighted.

Vianet says, “Our customers are receiving viber activation SMS and Calls from International numbers. Please don’t respond to such on Viber.”

Some Viber Security Tips Provided by Vianet.

  • Check associated device with your phone number. For this, Setting>Account>Desktop.
  • Deactivate unauthorized devices.
  • Change viber number without loosing data. For this , Setting>Account>Change Number
  • You can also delete personal data. For this, Setting>Privacy>Personal Data>Delete Your Data

Stay safe from corona-virus. And, also be safe from digital frauds.

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