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Enterprise Application

Course Title: Enterprise Application                                               Full Marks: 45+30

Course No: MIT503                                                                          Pass Marks: 22.5+15

Nature of the Course: Theory + Practical                                        Credit Hrs: 3

Semester: I

Course Description:

This course provides a general introduction to the concept of enterprise architecture and other relevant topics. It covers the meaning of enterprise architecture, the place and role of enterprise architecture in the overall organizational context, key constituting elements and core mechanisms of an EA practice, as well as the business value and benefits of using enterprise architecture in organizations. It focuses specifically on EA artifacts as the core elements of an EA practice.

Course Objectives:

The main objective of this course is to give an overall and complete understanding of Enterprise architecture and its best practices.

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Introduction (4 Hrs.)

The Role of Information Technology in Modern Organizations, Benefits and threats of IT in organization, Business Value of IT, Business and IT alignment problem and solutions

Unit 2: Enterprise Application Architecture (10 Hrs.)

Concepts of enterprise architecture, Roles and practice of enterprise architecture, Architecture Functions in Organizations, Historical origin and best modern practices, Enterprise Architecture Practice as City Planning, Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, The CSVLOD Model

Unit 3: Process of Enterprise Architecture (10 Hrs.)

The Dialog between Business and IT, Enterprise Architecture Uncertainty Principle, Processes Constituting Enterprise Architecture Practice, A High-Level Process View of Enterprise Architecture Practice

Unit 4: The CSVLOD Model of Enterprise Architecture (15 Hrs.)

Dimensions for Classifying Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Considerations as a General Type of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Standards as a General Type of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Visions as a General Type of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Landscapes as a General Type of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Outlines as a General Type of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Designs as a General Type of Enterprise Architecture Artifacts, Continuous Nature of the CSVLOD Taxonomy for EA Artifacts

Unit 5: Enterprise Architecture Practices (6 Hrs.)

Architects in Enterprise Architecture Practice, Roles and Structure of Architecture Functions in Organizations, Modeling Languages for Enterprise Architecture, Establishing Enterprise Architecture Practices in Organizations, Maturity of Enterprise Architecture Practice

Laboratory Works:

Students are required to prepare a case study for any of the recent enterprise application framework used in an organization.


  1. Svyatoslav Kotusev – The Practice of Enterprise Architecture, A Modern Approach to Business and IT Alignment-SK Publishing (2021)
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