What are the major features and important characteristics of JAVA Programming?

JAVA is one of the most popular programming languages. The important and major characteristics of Java that you need to know includes:

  • Object-Oriented
    • Everything in java is object-oriented
    • Java is easy to extend by creating new class
  • Platform Independent
    • In a correctly implemented JAVA system, the same program can run in any device.
    • Java runs on most the real-time machines and operating systems
    • It is Write Once Read Many Times language
  • Simple
    • Java is simple and easy to understand
    • Its syntax is simple
  • Secured
    • Java is also popular for its security
    • Java is secure because
      • It has no explicit pointer
      • The program of Java runs inside a virtual machine sandbox.
  • Robust
    • Has strong memory management
    • No pointers, so more secure
    • Exists exception handling and type checking mechanism
    • Emphasized compile-time error checking
  • Multithreaded
    • This feature makes to write a program that performs many tasks simultaneously.
  • High Performance
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic
  • Portable
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