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Oral Presentations and Its Types

Oral Presentations and Its Types

Four Types of Oral Presentations:

The impromptu speech

If you make a speech without preparation, that is IMPROMPTU SPEECH. If you are asked a question, you need to organize your thoughts and answer quickly. 

The memorized speech

This is a well-prepared speech which has been committed to memory. Although such preparation might make less anxious, too often these speeches sound  mechanical and impersonal. They are stiff and formal. They allow no speaker-audience interaction. These speeches are useful for the data and technical information. This speech is taken as the least effective type of speech.

The Manuscript speech

In this type of speech, you read from a carefully prepared manuscript. The entire speech is written on paper. This may lessen speaker’s anxiety  help him or her accurately communicate you’re your technical data, but such speech can become monotonous, and boring to your audience. However, if you are presenting purely statistical information, you will need to read from a manuscript.

The extemporaneous speech

You carefully prepare your speech by conducting necessary research, and then create a detailed outline. However, you do not write the speech in a complete manuscript form. Instead, you study your outline and present the speech from it or from 3”×  5” cards on which you have written important points. This type of speech helps you avoid dull and mechanical presentations; this speech allows you to interact with your audience, and still ensures that you correctly present complex technical data. 

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