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Barriers of Communication

Barriers of Communication

1. Semantic barriers

Semantic refers to the study of meanings of words and signs. Semantic barriers occur due to problems in language.

 a. Words with different meanings like run.

  b. Denotations and connotations. On Monday he got a new pullover very cheap.

  c. Bad Expression: Use of jargon, technical terms bring the bariers to the communication.

d. faulty translation

2. Physical or Mechanical Barriers

 a. Noise

  b. Distance and Time: Physical distance and delayed time

 c. Information Overload: Excess of communication

3. Organizational Barriers

a. Long Chain of Command (upward and downward communication)

 b. Poor Spatial Arrangements

c. Inappropriate Medium( face-to-face or Memo,..?)

4. Socio-Psychological Barriers

  a. Attitudes and Opinions ( if favourable ok, otherwise..)

 b. Emotions: Emotion blurs our mind.

c. Status and Fear: ( Status-conscious , fear in front of boss)

d. Closed mind: ( deep-rooted prejudices, limited intellectual horizon) … “Look young man, I have been in this job for 20 years. I know better than you.”

e. Inattention

f. Distrust 

g. Premature evaluation 

h. Poor retention

i. perceptual distortion

j. Resistance to change

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