How to use the Netflix account?

How to use the Netflix account?


Netflix account is an online streaming service that is available on multiple devices like laptops, mobile phones, TVs, tablets, set-up boxes, and gaming consoles.

Netflix provides more than 1000’s of movies, TV series with a variety of genres. Marriage Story, Rotten tomatoes, Spiderman, ELCamino, and many more are ost watched movies by the viewers on Netflix.

Netflix allows viewers to watch movies from HD to 4k Ultra HD, depending upon the subscription package. You can subscribe to the packages by paying monthly and can enjoy the movies on different devices at the same time with many profiles.

Netflix Membership Packages:

There are basically 3 membership packages in Netflix :

  • Basic plan: Only one movie or show at a time; costs $8.99.
  • Standard plan: Two things at once in two devices; costs $12.99.
  • Premium plan: Four movies at the same time; costs 15.99.

Not everyone can afford the subscription package, so there are few ways that you can watch Netflix for free.

Buy premium plan and share it with your family and friends. Later you can share the subscription amount. Standard Plan doesn’t support HD streaming, so I would suggest using a premium plan.

How to share your Netflix account?

Netflix allows creating a maximum of 5 profiles, which provides different recommendations to a different profile. So you can share your account with your friends and families.

Set up a Netflix Profile in few steps :

  • Browse to
Netflix account
  • If you already have multiple profiles, you will see Who’s watching with the lists of profiles.
Netflix account
Who’s watching
  • Select Add profile on + button
Netflix account
Add Profile
  • Write the name and Click Continue to create a new profile.
Netflix account
Continue to create profile
  • [Note: 5 profiles but same username and password, you cannot create multiple passwords for that profiles ]

How to get additional Free Netflix Trials ?

You can get an additional free Netflix trial with this simple trick which is actually legitimate.

Netflix account
Netflix sometimes offer free trial again after some period of time.

If you have used the trial period once and canceled it before your trial ends, Netflix will reach out to you again in some period of time. It may again send you an email with Start your free month. But it can take a significantly long time.

Once you again receive an email select the Start your Free Trial link they provide. This will redirect you to the Netflix page and renew your free trial membership.

“Happy Netflix!!” “Have a Happy Watching time!!”

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