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How to Secure Your Google Account?

How to Secure Your Google Account?

Data security needs to be on our priority list. These days we surf the internet more and we unknowingly use our data wherever without thinking it twice.

We can’t even imagine how much data someone could steal if our google account gets hacked.Its very important to secure your Google Account.

We can’t run away from google and its services because of its convenience and efficiency. But we must be very careful running its services and how our google account should be guarded.we should learn the process about the proper data security and personalization.

Here is some of the tips to reduce the privacy risks and secure your account against unauthorized use.

Access your security settings under Sign-In & Security after you log in to your google account.

Something that you definitely need to do to secure your google account.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication

This means you will need two different ways to prove your identity.i.e password and verification code. Verification is the code that that is messaged on your phone whenever you try to log in to your account.

2-step verification

To enable this feature, Click 2-step verification under Password & Sign-In Method. Enter your mobile number where you wished to receive a text message.

  • Set a new strong password

It’s a good practice if you change your password frequently in any accounts. Also, it’s a must that you should create an unbreakable strong password that is mixed up with numbers, characters, and strings.

change password

To do this, Click Password under Password & Sign-In method. Enter your current password, then enter the new strong password and confirm it.

  • Disable Web and App Activity.

This activity detail means Google carefully monitoring whatever we do with the apps. To avoid these details of our activity, disable it in the settings.

disable web activity

  • Disable Youtube history

You must disable your Youtube history separately from the other web history controls.

disable youtube history

  • Turn off Ad Personalization

turn off ad


  • Encrypt Your Synced Chrome Data

You must be unknown that you are sharing your browsing history whenever you are signed with Google. They had lists of agreements but we had a habit of accepting terms and conditions without reading it. So it’s obvious that they sell our data and ads unknowingly in small amounts. So it’s smart to encrypt our data and credentials using a passphrase.

To set a passphrase, go to the Chrome settings, Click “Sync and Google Services. There’s an Encryption option, set a passphrase there. This means you will need a passphrase to sync your browsing history to any device.

  • Check Your Connected Devices

connected devices

This needs to checked frequently to protect your account, to make sure about the unauthorized access of the devices. Remove unnecessary devices often.


  • Check your account permissions and access applications

account permission

Remove the unnecessary applications that are accessing your full information applications to protect your privacy and data.

Read more about google privacy and Data personalization settings.

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