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How to make a smartphone run faster by limiting the background process limit?



background process in smartphone

We use smartphones for various tasks. When you purchase a phone, there won’t be any lagging issues but as you use it more your phone will get slow over time. It may be caused because of various reasons. Background processes may be one of the reasons. So, in this article, we have provided you with steps on How to make your smartphone run faster by limiting the background process limit.

What is background process?

Your smartphone keeps some important data and processes running in the background to increase the loading speed of apps. Therefore, all the apps keep some cache in RAM to speed up the process of loading the app. Background processes are not bad because apps in the background will open fast but also not all good because it uses the resources preventing mobile to work smoothly.

How to limit background processes?

To limit the background process first you need to enable Developer Option on your Android smartphone.

Steps to enable Developer Option:

  1. Open your smartphone and then go to settings
  2. Tap About Phone option
  3. Then tap on build number for about 7 times
  4. Then developer option is enabled

After that follow the steps below

Steps to limit background process for Android:

1.Open your smartphone and then go to settings

2.Tap on Developer Option

3.Scroll down and then tap Background Process Limit under the apps section

4.After that choose the suitable option

  • Standard Limit ( 20 processes)
  • No background processes
  • 1 process at most
  • 2 processes at most
  • 3 processes at most
  • 4 processes at most

5.Then click ok

6.Restart the phone for setup

Limiting the background process helps to enhance the performance but the loading of apps will be slow as it has to open from start. Also, we will still receive notifications.

In iOS Background App Refresh option is available. Background App Refresh option allows apps to update when running in the background. We can disable in order to speed up the phone.

Steps to disable iOS Background App Refresh option :

  1. Open your smartphone and then go to settings
  2. Scroll to the Background App Refresh option
  3. After that disable it

Also, this option is available for individual app

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