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How to prevent applications from collecting your data on your Android smartphone.



Prevent applications from collecting data from your Android phone

Smartphones have become our go-to for everything in the present context. We store everything on our phone because we feel secure and it is easy to get. On top of that, we use so many applications for various purposes. Applications mostly require your information from name, address to access to your camera, microphone, etc. Generally speaking, without the information, the application cannot run properly as well. For example, a dating application like Tinder will not work unless provided the required information. But, you can prevent applications from collecting your data.

Research shows that some of the applications are using this information for their benefit without the user’s knowledge. A research by Oxford University in 2017 found out, more than 30% of applications on Google Playstore send our data to third-parties.

How to know if my data is being used?

You must have noticed, Google always seems to know the place you last visited even if your GPS and WiFi were off. Or, when you look-up for some product, later you will receive advertisements for similar products. Applications like your web browser or Google Maps have access to your microphone and camera, which is irreverent. These are some of the many examples of applications collecting your data from your smartphones.

Don’t Panic!
You can still avoid this to stay secure!!

How to prevent applications from collecting my data?

Android Smartphone users have complete control over the application’s permissions. Users can set the permissions for applications that they use. Here’s how you can change permissions for your applications:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  2. Head to ‘Application Manager’ or ‘Apps’ in Settings.
  3. Click on the desired application from the list.
  4.  Go to the ‘Permissions’ section.
  5. Turn each permission On/Off according to your desire.

Alternatively, users may also find Permissions in Security Settings under ‘App Permissions’.

*These steps may vary depending on the phone you use.

Applications always ask users to set permissions when they are installed. Users should be more careful when granting permissions.

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