Fit Pro Price in Nepal (2023 Updated)

Fit Pro is a smart watch. “Fit” or “pro” in their names generally have common features related to health tracking and smart functionality. Fit Pro is an Indian company. Now, it is available in Nepal. Fit Pro Price in Nepal starts at NPR 1800. It is a touchscreen smartwatch which is suitable for everyday wear, workouts, and travels.

Fit Pro Price in Nepal

In Fit Pro, the first thing you have to do is download the Fit Pro app on your smartphone to connect this watch. Fit Pro app is free to download. This app can connect to smart bracelets and smartwatch via Bluetooth. Fit Pro watches typically include a variety of sensors to monitor your health and fitness. This can include heart rate monitoring, step tracking, distance covered, calories burned, sleep tracking, and sometimes even blood oxygen level monitoring (SpO2).

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Display And Design of Fit Pro

The size of this smartwatch is 1.73 inches. The battery life of Fit Pro watches can vary, but they are designed to last several days on a single charge, depending on usage. The smart watch lasts around 2-3 years with regular use. Some high-end models with better quality materials and components may last longer. The battery life of this fit pro watch also plays a crucial role in determining its lifespan. Most fitness watches feature a touchscreen display for easy navigation and interaction.

Fit Pro Price in Nepal

Fit Pro smartwatches are light weight and sit comfortable on your wrist. Fit Pro smart watches are typically compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, with dedicated apps for syncing and managing your health data. Many of these watches offer in-depth sleep analysis, including data on your sleep stages and patterns. Some models allow you to control music playback on your smartphone directly from the watch. They can pair with your smartphone to display notifications for calls, texts, emails, Health rate, step count, calories and app alerts directly on your wrist.

Key Specification of Fit Pro ID 116 Bluetooth Smartwatch:

  • Brand: Fit Pro
  • Body and Design: silicon and square
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, no GPS
  • Display: 123 ppi, 240*240 pixels
  • Camera: No
  • Battery Backup: 6 hour
  • Touch: yes
  • Size: 1.38 inch
  • Water Resistance:  yes
  • Features: Alarm Clock, Timer, Heart Rate Monitoring Calorie Count, Step Count

T55 Pro Max

Fit Pro T55 is a high copy of Apple Watch Series 5. The size of T55 plus has a 1.75 inch IPS screen. It has a resolution of 320*385 pixels with a high refresh rate. It doesn’t have its own GPS sensor so that you will always have to use it with smartphone to get your location. T55 pro max has advanced features such as making calls, picking calls, from the connected phone.

Fit Pro Price in Nepal(T55 Pro Max) starts at NPR 2500.

This smartwatch has full-color touchscreen display. its advanced feature is health monitoring sensors, including a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor. this smart watch give you a complete picture of your health and fitness. In T55 Pro max, also have a ability to receive and makes a call via Bluetooth. T55 plus smartwatch has a 180mAh battery capacity, which give you up to 3 days normal use. it is connect with both iOS and Android smartphones. T55 Pro Max connect with iPhone and Android.

Fit Pro Price in Nepal and Availability

Now it is available in Nepali market with different models. Fit Pro Price in Nepal start at NPR,1800.

Models Price in Nepal
Smart watches T800NPR 1199
Fit pro T55 Bluetooth smart watchesNPR 2500
X7 Fit Pro SmartwatchNPR 1499

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