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Ncell’s 18th Anniversary Offer: 7 Lucky Winners to Get Scooters

Ncell’s 18th Anniversary Offer: 7 Lucky Winners to Get Scooters

Ncell Asia Limited, the mobile service provider, has introduced a surprising promotion to celebrate its 19th year in operation, following 18 years of service. The company marked this milestone by hosting a special event on Sunday and unveiling an enticing offer for all its customers.

To avail of this offer, users simply need to dial *17117#. Once activated, Ncell promises a range of enticing benefits for all its customers. This promotion includes daily, weekly, and bumper rewards for Ncell subscribers.

In the daily gift category, customers can enjoy various Ncell offers completely free of charge. Moreover, 1,000 lucky Ncell customers will receive a bonus of Rs 100 every week. As a grand finale, the company has announced that seven fortunate individuals will each be gifted a brand-new scooter when the offer concludes.

For customers to qualify for the weekly and bumper rewards, they are required to continue using Ncell services throughout the promotion period. Additionally, Ncell encourages customers to submit creative slogans about their services through the Ncell app or the company’s website.

This exciting promotion will remain valid starting from today, Sunday, 31st Bhadra, and will extend for 28 days.

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