GCES IT Club Hosts Transformative Tech Entrepreneurship and WordPress Meetup Event

GCES IT Club Hosts Transformative Tech Entrepreneurship and WordPress Meetup Event

Date: 26 December, 2023

In a compelling convergence of technology, entrepreneurship, and industry insight, GCES IT Club
orchestrated an impactful event, seamlessly blending the realms of business acumen and technology.

Event Objectives:

The central focus of the Tech Entrepreneurship program was to illuminate the path for aspiring
entrepreneurs, providing insights into scaling businesses internationally. Renowned entrepreneur, Mr.
Sanjip Shah, Co-founder of Themegrill, delivered contextual insights, urging students towards
entrepreneurial ventures. Concurrently, the WordPress Pokhara Meetup, featuring Mr. Paras Devkota,
unfolded insights into WordPress and the upcoming WordCamp Nepal 2024.

Speaker Details:

Mr. Sanjip Shah, with a decade of international success, shared invaluable insights, strategies, and real-
world experiences, providing a formal platform for students to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic tech landscape. Mr. Paras Devkota, an active member of WordPress
Pokhara, contributed his expertise.

Event Flow:

The Tech Entrepreneurship program unfolded in three segments:

Speaker Session (30 minutes):

  • Mr. Shah shared his journey and discussed challenges and lessons learned during his entrepreneurial

Moderator Question-Answer Session (50 minutes):

  • Dilsa Panta, a student of GCES, moderated an engaging Q&A session, addressing popular questions
    about technology and entrepreneurship.

Audience Interaction Session (30 minutes):

  • Students actively participated, posing queries to Mr. Shah, creating a dynamic and interactive

After a brief 20-minute lunch break, the WordPress Pokhara Meetup commenced at 2 PM.

WordPress Pokhara Meetup Highlights:

  • Mr. Paras Devkota delivered a comprehensive session on WordPress and insights into the upcoming
    WordCamp Nepal 2024.
  • Mr. Hari Bahadur Pahari, representative from National Innovation Center, provided insights into the
    center’s functions.

The event officially concluded at 2:45 PM, marking a day filled with knowledge-sharing, networking, and

Community Partner and Collaboration:

GCES IT Club forged partnerships with key tech communities in Pokhara, fostering collaboration and
extending the event’s reach. A milestone achievement was the signing of an MoU with WordPress
Pokhara at the Nepal Tourism Board. Representatives from esteemed community partners, including

National Innovation Center, Code For Change, CSITAN Pokhara, ACS PNC, MacIT hub, La Grandee Tech-
Talk, Internship In Nepal, GCES Linux Community, UNICTS Nepal, contributed to the event’s success.

Media Partners:

The event’s impact was amplified through collaboration with media partners Routine of GCES and ICT
BYTE, ensuring comprehensive coverage and dissemination of information.

Feedback and Impacts:

Attendees shared their sentiments on sticky notes, providing candid feedback and reflections on their
experience. Comments included praise for the impactful program, expressions of gratitude, and
anticipation for future events.

As the echoes of this enriching event reverberate, GCES IT Club looks forward to building on this
momentum and spearheading future initiatives that contribute to the growth of the technological

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