Advanced Robotic Club Hosts Successful ‘Technorion Nepal 2023’ Science and Technology Festival

Advanced Robotic Club Hosts Successful ‘Technorion Nepal 2023’ Science and Technology Festival

In a spectacular showcase of technological prowess, the Advanced Robotic Club (ARC) at the Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM) orchestrated the ‘Technorion Nepal 2023’ science and technology festival within the college premises. The event featured seven thrilling competitions, spotlighting the diverse skills of participants across various technological domains.

Distinguished guests at the opening ceremony included Mr. Ramesh Kumar Silwal, Chairperson of ACEM; Er. Pramila Devi Bajracharya, Secretary of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; Er. Udaya Krishna Shrestha, Deputy Manager of Radio Nepal; Prof. Dr. Durga Prasad Sangraula, Principal of ACEM; Assoc. Prof. Laxmi Bhakta Maharjan, Vice Principal of ACEM; along with respective Heads of Departments and the President of the Student Council.

In the highly competitive ‘Cozmo Clench,’ Team Destructor and Team Robocritics secured victory among 12 participants, earning qualification for the prestigious IIT Bombay. ‘The Meshmerize’ witnessed intense competition, with Pace 1 and Pace 2 qualifying for further IIT Bombay competitions.

‘The Co-decode’ featured 16 coding teams, showcasing impressive coding skills, while ‘The Techfest Olympiad’ drew 20 participants exhibiting intellectual prowess in technology. In ‘The Robo Race,’ Bot Minds A claimed the top spot, with ARC and Bot Mind B securing second and third positions, respectively.

Continuing the competitive spirit, Team ARC secured the first position in a subsequent competition, with Daju Bhai and TNT securing second and third positions. Overall, ‘Technorion Nepal 2023’ drew a crowd of 3000+ visitors, underscoring its significance in the tech community and reflecting the growing interest and talent in technology.

The success of Team Destructor, Team Robocritics, Pace 1, Pace 2, Team Sishir Wagle, and Yubraj Adhikari in qualifying for esteemed institutions like IIT Bombay adds another layer of achievement to their participation in Technorion Nepal 2023.

Beyond being a platform for intense competition, ‘Technorion Nepal 2023’ also served as a hub for networking, learning, and celebrating technological innovation. Congratulations were extended to all participants and winners for their outstanding performances, contributing to the resounding success of Technorion Nepal 2023.

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