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Hult Prize at LACM Kicks Off Hult Prize 2023-24 with Successful Brainstorming Session on Presentation Skills

Hult Prize at LACM Kicks Off Hult Prize 2023-24 with Successful Brainstorming Session on Presentation Skills

Little Angels College of Management (LACM) successfully launched its on-campus activities for the Hult Prize 2023-24 with a productive second brainstorming session. Facilitated by esteemed faculty member Mr. Avijit Thapa, the event focused on honing effective presentation skills, setting a precedent for the forthcoming year.

The session, led by Mr. Thapa, brought a dynamic and insightful perspective to the event, enriching the experience for participants. His extensive professional background added a valuable dimension to the discussions, providing attendees with practical insights.

Central to the session was a dedicated exploration of effective presentation skills. Participants received guidance on presentation dos and don’ts, aligning with the Hult Prize’s mission to equip future leaders with essential tools for success in the global business landscape.

Mr. Avijit Thapa shared invaluable insights, offering participants a roadmap to enhance their presentation prowess. Drawing from his own experiences, he emphasized the importance of stepping out of comfort zones to cultivate confidence in public speaking—a skill crucial for aspiring change-makers.

Beyond practical advice, Mr. Thapa inspired participants by sharing personal anecdotes and challenges faced in his own journey. This motivational element aimed to instill confidence in the budding entrepreneurs, encouraging them to embrace challenges and conquer any reservations about public speaking.

The successful brainstorming session formally marked the commencement of Hult Prize activities on the LACM campus for the 2023-24 season. Serving as a catalyst, the event ignited the passion and enthusiasm of participants, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities in this prestigious competition.

As Hult Prize at LACM embarks on another exciting year, the recent session has set a promising precedent, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to nurturing innovative solutions and empowering future leaders for positive global impact.

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