In a compelling display of entrepreneurial insights and engagement, the Entrepreneurship Talk Show II – Diving Into Startup Culture, organized by Hult Prize at IOE for the academic year 2023-24, drew considerable appeal from a diverse audience. The event, conducted via the online platform Zoom on January 6th, showcased a remarkable confluence of distinguished guests, Campus Directors, Organizing Committee members, volunteers, and an enthusiastic audience, all contributing to the program’s allure, in addition to the significant incentive of a $1 million prize.

Hult Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize for students, stands as an annual international competition motivating young minds to conceive innovative social businesses aimed at addressing global challenges. The coveted $1 million prize for the winning proposal elevates the competition to a prestigious title, well-deserved by the triumphant participant.

Commencing with a warm welcome to the esteemed guests, the program unfolded its second phase at Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus, skillfully navigating discussions on entrepreneurship and emphasizing mentorship sessions for participants. Themed “Diving Into Startup Culture,” the event featured founder members of the app “Froker” who shared valuable experiences and principles for achieving success in the realm of business ventures.

The distinguished guests for the evening included Mr. Akshat Saxena, Production Manager at PhonePe, Saurabh Singh, Business Analyst at Paytm, and Mr. Amogh Saxena, Software Developer at Amazon, along with an invitation extended to Ms. Prachi Patel as a guest.

Ms. Simran Maharjan, the program’s emcee, initiated formal proceedings, passing the stage to Mr. Aditya Pandey, Campus Director of Hult Prize at IOE 2024, for his remarks. Aditya presented a captivating video prepared by the technical team, highlighting this year’s theme. Subsequently, Mr. Akshat Saxena and Mr. Amogh Saxena provided a detailed exploration of Froker, offering valuable insights into startups and business strategies.

Mr. Amogh, emphasizing sustainable resource utilization, expounded on how startups can endure in the long run and urged a focus on societal impact beyond mere profit. Ms. Prachi Patel shared three fundamental principles for startup success, underlining the importance of understanding customer problems, ensuring ownership acknowledgment, and simplifying the consumer experience.

The Q&A session addressed participants’ inquiries, with guests sharing profound perspectives and experiences. Noteworthy insights were offered by Mr. Shaurya, even in his absence, emphasizing the initiation of new plans, seeking diverse support, and launching businesses without capital constraints.

The dynamic and interactive discussion, coupled with the active participation of sponsors such as Protozoa Host, Taskade, and Rastriya Banijya Bank, underscored the program’s success. The seamless execution was made possible through the unwavering support of the Hult Prize Nepal community.

In summation, the Entrepreneurship Talk Show II by Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus, stood as an unequivocal success, providing a platform for valuable insights and fostering a culture of entrepreneurial excellence.

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