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How to Choose Websites for Quality Link Building

How to Choose Websites for Quality Link Building

For the quality link building, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is one of the most critical SEO task which take a lot of labor intensive. Quality link building consists of lot of things to follow and it is directly relates to the evaluation of the website with the following of different criteria. Here, Ict Byte has systematized and make the list of most important link building metrics to make the task easier for you.

Website’s Rating and Domain Trust Rate

In order to measure the websites value, you need to know that major SEOs use the services like Alexa, Ahrefs, MOZ, and Majestic.

They analyse a lot of data. Mainly,they can be divided into two category i.e rating and trust metrics. The rating parameters display the the position of website in independent ratings composed by each services. The trust matrics reflects th trust of websites to the search engine. The name of metrics may be different in each services but their meanings are actually similar.

Here are the list of matrices from which you can check the trust rate of your website.


The score in this services indicate the trust level of the URL according to MOZ.

Majestic Trust Flow.

The metrics can be calculated according to the numbrer of clicks from the initial set of trusted sites to the target or selected URL.

Majestic Citation Flow.

The mechanis of this matrics calculation is from the number of websites linking to the target or selected URL.

Now, the below mentioned are the matrics your website authority and check the position with the various ranking:


This matric indicates the popularity of the target URL according to MOZ.

Domain Authority.

According to MOZ, this matric scores shows that how your websites will be ranked by the Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Ahrefs Rank.

If your website has the strongest backlink profile then your websites has a lot of chance to rank on the top result on Search Engines. it can measure the targate host based on the quality and backlink profile of your website.

Ahrefs Domain Rating.

This matrics can measures the domain according to Ahrefs.

SEMrush Rank.

This matrics indicates the the position of the domain ranking with the following of their organic search value.

Alexa Global Rank.

This matrics have a lot of benifits and it displays the website ranking according to Alexa.

Alexa Local Rank.

This also have the same mechanism like Alexa Global Rank where it can rank the ranking of the website based on a specific country.

Niche Relevance

There is no any stuff to stop you from placing a link on your website from another business niche. It doesnt matter how your website status is. It will not going to bring the significant traffic or can leads to the website about professional soundproofing. If you want to work for a scignificant traffic then you have to choose the niche only as a filter.

Top Keywords a Website Ranks For

It is not so easy to make a marketing strategy for the top keywords a website rank. For the quality link building it is one of the major tactics you need to apply. For example, you have your targated audience and also have the great content prepared and you are trying to publish it but you don’t going to spot where it need to be. In order to get this problem to be solved keywords analysis helps to figure out your content to reach to the targated audience. The easiest and the best way to perform keyword analysis is using Serpstat’s ‘Website Analysis’ tool (‘Domain analysis’ → ‘SEO Research’ → ‘Positions’).

Quality Link Building

Geographical Location

Geographical Location used only for the specific location. If you are working on the international market then you don,t need to apply this strategy. If you are doing this on the specific location then check the main language and host address for selected websites to perform. For the fast and quick check up the several website you can use Netpeak checker. For the use of Netpeak checkup you simply need to select ‘Language’ (‘On-Page’ section) and Country (‘DNS’ section) and start analysis.

Quality Link Building

Content Structure

Mainly the strucure of content will be deivered to two different audience i.e humans and crawler. If any of the webpages don’t designed under the use of Heading except H1, there may be risk that some author has created the content for Search Engines Robots. In some condition they also pay attention towards other headlines (H2 TO H6).

If you want to anlysis the H2-H6 heading of the webpage then you can use Netpeak Spider. Before getting start a analysis don’t forget to turn on H1-H6 analysis on the sidebar.

Quality Link Building

If you’ve already got a list of domain for the bulk analysis then you can return on yhe Netpeak Checker which has the similar mechanism like Netpeak spider. Actually, Netpeak Spider does the check up different heading of selected webpage. For the set up you can get the various parameter on the sidebar. Allow the parameters which you want to grab the information of.

Quality Link Building

The quality link building includes the backlink profile. If the backlink profile is great then there is a high chance to rank the webpages in Search engines. To analyse the value of quality of link you need to give a primary attention towards the linking domains and anchor list. Be sure there is no any spammy anchors and suspicious webaites in the report of backlink analysis. You can use serpast to do this analysis. It helps you to know whether your backlink is natural or not.

Quality Link Building

The growth dynamics of a backlink profiles helps you to understanding the status of the Backlink profile. We recommmend you to use Serpstat. If you are using Serpstat then you can simply launch ‘Backlink Analysis’ and select ‘Backlink Dashboard.’ In serpstat you can see the ‘Referring Pages’ graph. It can display the the dynamic growth of backlink number of whole domain history or at least the last 120 days. The spikes on the graph indicates the tricky backlink manipulation.

Quality Link Building

The Overall Level of Ads and Pop-Ups

There is not a secret that many search engines don’t hesitate to place the ads unit on the websites but they can’t do the annoying blinking and ads pop-ups on the webpages. If such ads can runs on the websites then there will be a very negative affects on the website reputation. So, becarefully check how many ads are existing on your website.

The Ratio of the Total Number of Pages to Traffic Volume

In the process of traffic volume analysis, many of us forget the same thing which is very important to tackle. We are goint to talk about the total number of indexed pages that bring you the amount of traffic calculated before. For example there are two websites both of them have the same montly visit but in case of indexed pages first sites has 10,000 indexed pages and another one have only 500 but well-optimized pages. So, ICT BYTE highly recommend you to take it into account to opt for the website with a better optimization. You can use SimilarWeb or ‘Domain Analysis’ tool in Serpstat to get the actual montly traffic.

Date of the Latest Update

If the website is not updated then how will be the impact to the audience? Ofcoures, there will be negative message deleverd. So, you need to place your link only on those websites which can update constantly you can exclude your link building domains list all sites that have not been updated for one or more years. If it will not applied on your site then no matter how good the website according to all mentioned metrics so you have to pay attention to the date of its latest update.

Quality Link Building

In a Nutshell

There is not a chance to measure the quality and relevance of your website by one or two parameters because choosing sites for quality link building can take a lot of time and energy. that’s why it includes check by the different parameters mentioned above.

We hope these guidelines help you to know How to Choose Websites for Quality Link Building. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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