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5th Semester

BSc.CSIT Fifth Semester Syllabus | TU Syllabus



BSc.CSIT Fifth Semester Syllabus

BSc.CSIT Fifth Semester Syllabus Overview

Syllabus of BSc.CSIT Fifth Semester comprises five compulsory courses that include Design and Analysis of Algorithms, System Analysis and Design, Cryptography, Simulation and Modeling, and Elective I. They are a total of 18 credit hours with a total of 600 full marks.

BSc.CSIT Fifth Semester course code is shown below in table:

SN Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Full Marks 
CSC314 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 100 
CSC315 System Analysis and Design 100 
CSC316 Cryptography 100 
CSC317 Simulation and Modeling 100 
CSC318 Web Technology 100 
 Elective I 100 
Total   18 600 
List of Electives     
Multimedia Computing (CSC319)    
ii Wireless Networking (CSC320)    
iii Image Processing (CSC321)    
iv Knowledge Management (CSC322)    
Society and Ethics in Information Technology (CSC323)    
vi Microprocessor Based Design (CSC324)    
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