B.Sc. CSIT Exam Routine 2076 – 5th Semester

B.Sc. CSIT Exam Routine 2076 – 5th Semester

Tribhuwan University, Institute of Science and Technology, Dean’s Office has published the examination routine of B.Sc. CSIT. Fifth-semester exam routine has been published by IOST, TU.

Third Year Fifth Semester Examination /schedule of B.Sc. CSIT

Exam DateLevelCourse No. Course Title
2076-11-30B.Sc. CSC 314
CSC 301
Design and Analysis of Algorithm (N)
Computer Networks (O)
2076-12-03 B.Sc. CSC 315
CSC 302
System Analysis and Design (N)
Simulation and Modelling (O)
2076-12-06 B.Sc. CSC 316
CSC 303
Cryptography (N)
Design and Analysis of Algorithm (O)
2076-12-09 B.Sc. CSC 317
CSC 304
Simulation and Modelling (N)
Artificial Intillegince (O)
2076-12-12 B.Sc. CSC 318
CSC 307
Web Technology (N)
E-governance (O)
2076-12-16 B.Sc. CSC 319
CSC 320
CSC 321
CSC 323
CSC 324
CSC 308
CSC 311
Multimedia Computing (N)
Wireless Networking (N)
Image Processing (N)
Knowledge Management (N)
Society and Ethics in IT (N)
Microprocessor-Based Design (N)
Wireless Networking (O)
Neural Networks (O)
2076-12-18 B.Sc. CSC 313Cryptography (O)
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