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How To Remove In-App Browser On Google, G mail in Android phone ?

How To Remove In-App Browser On Google, G mail in Android phone ?

Android Operating System (OS):

Android Operating System(OS) provides various features to it’s users. Android user’s can now easily customize and personalize the phone according to their interest. Android is also introducing thousand of features per day. Since, the evolution of Android operating System it is totally devoted to make their system better than anyone doesn’t. There are large number of Users in android so, it is the primary duty for android to make system better and easy for the user’s engagement. We all know Android phone is very easy to use.

The most highlighting term of Android Operating system is Internet Connections.
One of the strongest reason that makes android more vision and largest number holder due to the time-based and demanded update in internet. In, previous days, Our ancestor have worst experience of bad internet connection. but for now Android and other operating system have In-App Browser system which automatically redirect the user to multiple tabs from one app or website to another without minimizing. It is a great example that clearly say we are innovating unexpected types of technology. this feature is known to be a great feature.isn’t it?

Though, it saves our time cause we don’t need to minimize or cut the app to go for website. but it gets direct access to your email and password of each and every sites which is opened via android apps. May be such kind of issue brings a privacy issue for you . If you think I want my data and records private then you have to disable this feature. whatever it’s positivity on us but we need to make our data and records to own. espically g mail is most sensitive victim of this feature at this moment for everyone because every official documents will be communicated via g mail. every one want their gm ail personal. So we are here to mention some important steps of How to Remove In-app browser in g mail.

Remove In-app browser in G mail on Android phone:

Step 1: Open Google App on Your Android Phone Then Click on More Button Then Hit on Settings.
Step 2: Go to the General Tab. Then scroll down. You can find Manage Pending Searches Section.
Step 3: Hit on Open Web Pages in the App.
Step 4: Now, Click on the G mail App Again go to setting and click general setting
Step 5: Slowly scroll down you will find Open web links in G mail.

Now, you are all set.

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