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Sikai Chautari: How to use it for learning purposes?

Sikai Chautari: How to use it for learning purposes?

“A great initiative by Nepal Government to an e-learning culture- Sikai Chautari

Sikai Chautari is an online learning platform launched by the government of Nepal. This website provides online free study resources for the students of Grade 1 to 10.

Due to this COVID-19, everyone is staying indoors and the country is still in the lock downstate. This environment has really affected everyone from students to professionals. They are disturbed mentally, physically as well as socially.

Among all this, a very important part of everyone’s life, the education system has been affected. Many of them are studying online and working through online classes. Different education institutions have started online classes but that also stopped by the government due to different consequences. Schools and college exams are on hold due to which parents are really worried about their children’s future.

Thinking about all this, the Government has brought a great initiative with the e-learning platform. i.e Sikai Chautari.After several discussions, the Education and Human Resource Development Center have launched the concept of Sikai Chautari under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

What is Sikai Chautari?

Sikai Chautari is an online learning platform for students from Grade 1 to Grade 10. This online site has access to all the free resources for students. It has interactive courses in different formats from notes on various subjects to extra sports materials.

It also has interesting audiobooks, video materials from teachers which makes like a real virtual classroom for students.

Sikai Chautari

Some of the features of Sikai Chautari

  • It’s free, and open e-learning platform accessible for everyone.
  • Sikai Chautari supports both the English as well as the Nepal language.
  • Simple User-interface which is easy and clear to understand.
  • Students can access it from anywhere, any time, and get proper notes.
  • Notes can be accessible offline after downloading.
  • Sikaichautari contains videos from teachers that are interactive for the students.
  • This platform also includes audiobooks, Visual demos, and sports materials.

How to use/access this e-learning website sikai chautari nepal?

To use this learning portal, you need to follow the below steps as:

  • Visit the site through your browser.
  • The link will open the Sikai Chautari.
  • By default the language is in the Nepali platform, if you wish to change, you can change it in English from the top right corner.
  • Access all the study resources categorized as class-wise from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

Final Review about this e-Learning platform Sikai Chautari

First of all, we would like to thanks the Nepal Government for this huge initiative with great efforts. The simple User-interface with lots of interactive resources shows the genuine efforts made for the students by the government. It is said that education is the building block for the better future of the nation. The Nepal government had actually proved that by thinking about this alternative way to provide an education platform, understanding its importance.

As already mentioned above, about the features of the Sikai Chautari website, it’s with a simple interface, to the point resources, interactive and good enough to access for both the students as well as parents.

We liked how it can be accessed with both the English as well as Nepali. There are different levels in the platform. Level 1 includes several pictures and descriptions with some questions. Similarly Level 2 includes informative short essays with some word meanings and questions. and there are exciting long stories on the 3rd level.

Not limited to that the homepage of also consists of “ECR” for kids.

All the notes and audiobooks, videos are in pdf format and can be downloaded too. This makes it easy and flexible for many students in remote areas where there is no 24hrs internet connectivity.

As we know, our country is lagging behind the proper online facilities and Internet connectivity in most of the places outside the valley. Not only this the learning platform requires a basic understanding and knowledge to access the site. Many of the parents are uneducated, due to this, it will be very difficult for them to know how to use this.

At last, all we want to say is, this portal can be very effective for the students if they value the resources and spend this time productively. This is also an initiation to digital Nepal, hoping soon that everything in Nepal will be digital. This is more than the opportunity for everyone to practice and make a habit about this new culture.

However, they had limited resources on the site, hoping that it will be better in future days and this platform will continue even after these lockdown days.

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