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How to use Google Lens in iPhone?



use Google Lens in iPhone

Google Lens in iPhone

Many of the people wonders about how to use Google Lens in iPhone. But they know, their problem will be solve very smart way if they install and run it in their iPhone. Translating the text, Identifying the plants, Find the Place and Find the answer of the equation are some of it’s coolest features that a user can get. In a including word, Google lens is a very important and useful image recognition tool. As the ordinary people, you don’t need to think that it is hard to install and use Google Lens on Your iPhone.

Function of Google Lens

All of us know that Google has a huge server where all data and information are kept. From that server, they can search the result and present to you according to your command and instruction given by you. Google Lens is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

For example, If you search for the mathematical equation on google Lens then Google starts to scan all the result to found the similar result you want. Then you are displayed the same type of equation on the screen which is the blessing of AI. Another example is, If you want to know the species of the plant then you can use Google Lens to find the species.

Additional Function of Google Lens

Moreover, Google Lens can identify everything from text and equations. It helps to identify the things that you are unknown of or you Google lens makes you clear about any other things you are having doubt. Additionally, It can translate the foreign language to the common or maybe in your native language in just a second, you can get the shop, It can scan a flight ticket etc and so on.

There is a good news to iOS users that Google Lens is not only limited for Android Users. You can easily use google lens on your iPhone. It will be more powerful in iPhone because of the quality of the camera of iPhone.

How to install Google Lens on an iPhone

As we all know Google is native platform of Android so Apple have it’s own operating system i.e iOS. You can’t going to get preinstalled or a dedicated app of Google Lens on Apple App Store. The truth is that it’s functionality is braked into two different Google Apps. According to the plan, you own need to determine which is better for you.

There is two option, First one is Google app. The benefits is that it can give you full access range of the whole google service on your iPhone. Including google lens you can personalize your story news, turn on sports update, get alert message of weather condition and whole suit of google search tools.

The second option is that you can use Google Lens in a real time. For this you can go to your default browser and search for the google official site and then you can search Google Lens to continue it from your camera. Or you can use this feature as an alternative way, for this you need to download the latest version of the google app from your app store.

use Google Lens in iPhone

For the alternative you can install Google photos app from your app store. Google photo app easily do incorporate with Google lens. The process to grab the information is also easy from google photos. Only you need to open Google Photos and then you can easily grab the information of the photo by just tapping the photo.

use Google Lens in iPhone

Follow the mentioned steps to use Google Lens in real-time on your iPhone:

  • Start by launching Google App on your iPhone.
  • Click on the camera icon on the right of the Google home screen.
  • Grant all the permission for Google to access your photos. (Now you can see the dialogue box)
use Google Lens in iPhone
  • Now you can swipe left and right to change the camera modes.

Note that you need to turn on wifi to get the result you want. If you want to get result in offline mode then it will not be possible like the Android phone. Hold some time for the clear scan of the object.

We hope this post help you to know How to use Google Lens in iPhone?. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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