How to Save Images from MS Word Document?

How to Save Images from MS Word Document?

Want to learn how to save images from MS Word document? You may be having difficulties to save a lot of the images inserted in the MSdoc file all at once in separate files. Through this article you will learn these simple steps to save them easily in a separate file.

Microsoft Word Document is the world’s most popular word processing software. If offers you a variety of features for creating and managing your documents. We use it in our daily life in various fields for various purposes. However, we get lots of confusions and difficulties while using it. As it has many features, at times we face problems using its features efficiently. For example, sometimes we want to quickly save all the images that are embedded in an MS Word document.

For this, MS word itself doesn’t provide us any direct method. Although many editing operations can be done within the document, we cannot edit the embedded images and we need to save it in another file to do it in other software like Photoshop. Ok, now let’s learn the simple trick to how to easily save all the images from MS Word DOC.

Easy method to save images from MS WORD DOC.

If you only have a single image, simply right click on the image and select “Save as Picture…” option.

But what if you have more than 100 images in the document?
The quickest method of saving all the images from a Word document is to save the document as a webpage.

save images in MS WORD DOC

If you know about HTML, you would understand that a webpage refers to resources like images stored as individual files. So, when we save an MS Word document as a webpage, the document becomes an HTML page and all the embedded images get stored in a completely separate folder. We can use these steps to get images out of the Word document.

  • Open the MS Word document where you have images
  • Save As dialog box will appear in File
  • Click to File and then select Save As an option
  • Select Web Page from Save as from the list
  • Click the Save button to save the document as a webpage
  • Open Windows Explorer and browse to the location where you have saved the document as a webpage.
  • This folder will contain all the images that were there in the document with the same name. There might be some other files as well, but you can ignore them.
  • You’ve got the images as files. Now you can use or edit them separately.

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