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Chat GPT. Why is it trending over the internet? Know how it works.

Chat GPT, which was released on 30 November, is currently a viral topic on the Internet. Open AI is an organization established in 2015 to develop and promote artificial intelligence (AI). Open AI has been conducting research in various fields, which includes machine learning, robotics, economics, and computer science.

Chat GPT, which is currently public, is such an AI tool, where we can ask questions according to our needs. According to Open AI, about one million users have been added within a week of the tool’s release.

What is Chat GPT? How does it work?

Chat GPT is currently viral over the internet due to various reasons. Chat GPT provides you the answer as easily as when you ask a question to an expert. Chat GPT prepares answers according to the questions we asked. Since the original content is sent every time, the information obtained from it can be used for various purposes.

Some people have made this AI tool a means of entertainment.

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