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10 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music in 2023!

10 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music in 2023!

Are you Looking for the best unblocked music sites?

In today’s digital age, accessing music has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, there are instances when music websites or apps are blocked, especially in schools or certain networks. If you find yourself in such a situation, fret not! We have compiled a list of unblocked music options that will keep your tunes flowing freely.

When it comes to unblocked music apps, two popular choices stand out: Grooveshark and Songarea. Grooveshark provides a vast collection of songs from various genres, ensuring that you can find your favorite tracks effortlessly.

On the other hand, Songarea offers a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of songs that caters to all music enthusiasts.

If you’re seeking unblocked music sites, both Grooveshark and Songarea come to the rescue once again. These platforms offer unrestricted access to a wide range of music, allowing you to enjoy your favorite artists and discover new ones without limitations. Whether you’re into mainstream hits or indie tunes, these sites have got you covered.

For students looking for unblocked music sites specifically tailored for school environments, Grooveshark and Songarea can be excellent choices. These platforms understand the importance of music in education and offer a safe and distraction-free space for students to explore their musical interests while staying within school guidelines.

Here are some of the lists where you can listen to free music unblocked, without any restriction.

Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music Anywhere

Unblocked Music SitesLink to visit









Google play music
Google play music
  1. Grooveshark
  2. Playlistsound
  3. LiveXLive
  4. Jamendo
  5. SongArea
  6. Soundzabound
  7. AccuRadio
  8. BlueBeat
  9. Hungama
  10. Google play music

#1. Grooveshark Unblocked

grooveshark unblocked music site

Grooveshark is one of the best unblocked music platforms used in schools, workplaces, and colleges which provides unlimited and free access to music. It is very popular among all the youths to set personalized music albums, tracks, and playlists. Simply create a Grooveshark account to use this site.

Visit website

#2. Playlistsound Unblocked Music

Playlistsound is one of the popular unblocked music sites in universities, workplaces, and schools. It allows you all the latest music online, tracks and playlists. The UI of this site is very responsive and smooth. There are various search options for songs where you can filter by artist, band, and song. To use this site, you simply register on the website to play free music.

Visit Playlistsound

#3. LiveXLive Unblocked Music Site

livexlive music site

LiveXline is another popular site for unblocked music that provides you more than 200 channels. The users can get unlimited access to music and get the best collection of songs. Whether you are a workplace or college just surf it and listen to your favorite music anytime.

Visit LiveXLive

#4. Jamendo Unblocked Music Site

Jamendo is a popular free site that has a huge collection of music and songs i.e (230,000+ royalty-free music tracks). This all can be accessed for free on the website.
Visit Jamendo

#5. SongArea

songarea unblocked music site

SongArea is one of the oldest free music websites. This website provides you with trending songs and the latest music collection online. This website is well managed enough to find the songs. If you search any music in the search bar, it sorts all the playlists in alphabetical order.

Visit SongArea

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#6. Soundzabound Unblocked Music Site

Soundzabound is an unblocked music site that is specially designed for students, that have the collection of the education-related library. If you want to download and stream royalty-free music for educational purposes, then this site is the best one. It offers you a variety of free music in its vast library and collections.

Visit Soundzabound

#7. AccuRadio

accuradio unblocked music site

AccuRadio is another online site which has almost every song very enjoyable and popular. You dont need to create an account to listen to songs and albums. This site offers you free webcasts and many radio stations. Freely choose any radio station and start listening to music.

Visit AccuRadio

#8. BlueBeat Unblocked Music Site

Bluebeat is an online music site that can play free music with an extensive set of music libraries. It also includes a large number of 3D songs. It offers you high-quality music based on the create playlists and trending songs on the homepage.

Visit BlueBeat

#9. Hungama

Hungama is one of the popular sites which is also one of the most preferred stations in India. It provides you a large collection of music in a variety of categories such as romantic, classic, rock songs, modern and western music. Not limited to music, you can listen to the radio also.

Visit Hungama

#10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an online application that allows you to listen to all types of songs. You can search for any genre of songs and listen to them anytime. It has a very simple User interface and easy to use.

Visit Google play music

Lastly, these are only some of the unblocked music sites, there are many more like Clearly Drunk, Gaana, Jango, PureVolume, Soundbound, slacker, and so on. Just surf it online and listen to your favorite songs.

That’s the list of free music listening sites unblocked!

In addition to the mentioned apps and sites, there are other unblocked music options available. It’s worth exploring different alternatives based on your personal preferences and needs. Remember to check if these platforms are accessible in your specific location and adhere to any local restrictions.

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