5 things you never knew your iPad can do | Best iPad Tricks 2021

5 things you never knew your iPad can do | Best iPad Tricks 2021

iPad are everywhere available right now. Some of the burning examples are one entire stores traded their cash registers for iPads, Patrons order foods from restaurants using their iPads and the employees of offices carry iPads for their personal use. iPads are easy to understand and it addressed every category people to the advanced technology that’s why the craze on iPads are increasing.

The flagship Apple tablets aren’t only settled to watch the movies and novelist items on the sofa but deep down it has becomes the integral part of household work and transforming the domestic and professional lives. And the real power comes to create a virtual world for you by the collaboration of Siri and your iPad. You’re known about the little or more features about siri and iPad but there is some dark point that you must known if you own a iPad.

Best iPad tricks helps you in a various way to compose your official and household work. Those who have already owned iPads must need to know that there are lots of best iPad tricks which are hidden. You are going to know that kind of hidden best iPads tricks which makes you feel that owning this magical little gadget even more fun. And one more things is that you don’t need any third party application to use this best iPads tricks.

These are actually a shortcut which is more responsible to accelerate your workflow, protecting your privacy, enhance your browsing and protects. These all super cool and best iPad tricks is very easy to use after the discovery all with a few taps of your fingers. One must important things you need to know is that Apple phones are more susceptible of malware so, be sure to check and implement the possible way to get rid out of malware and this can be done with the help of the best iPad tricks.

List of Hidden Best iPad Tricks

Scroll Faster and Easier

One of the most biggest cons of Traditional Laptops and tablets is that lack of mouse. Our fingers becomes so much clumsy in comperision to trackpad. Being so much clumsy our fingers gives us surgical precision on the screen. But fortunately Apple has enabled trackpad mode on iOS 12. This is one of the best iPad tricks which you can use to jump from bottom to top and vice-versa.

Instruction to use trackpad mode

All you need is hold the space bar down on the keyboard until all the keys go gray and as long as don’t put out your finger and you can able to scroll up and down entire content with the help of trackpad mode.

Secret Setting to Extends Battery Life

Specially iPads are well known for it’s durable battery life but in some case or sometimes abrupt drain can be happens to you iPads and then it will diminish the level of your battery. The possible errors of this abrupt drain is might be apps that run in the background and continue to use data and power. The secret and this best iPads trick to stop the battery drainage is disabling “Background App Refresh”.

Instruction to disable “Background App Refresh”

  1. Navigate to your Settings app.
  2. Select General.
  3. Then select “Background App Refresh”.
  4. Turn the features off from top to low.

Go Instantly to The Top of Any Webpage

Sometimes we need a information and details to check out. But what if we don’t want to stuck at the middle of the content if we feel that the content is unworthy. Then we can skip the webpage and go to another website.

Sometimes the website provides lots of important and essential contents for us but mistakenly some of the contents of same website pretends to be unworthy. In such situation you want to stay on that website or webpage put not at the content. In that situation you can use the best iPads tricks to direct reach at the top of any webpage.

Instruction to go instantly to the top of any webpage

  1. Tap the title bar.
  2. Then there will be one motion which will send you zooming right back to the top.
  3. Touch the black bar top of your screen.

Scan Documents Like a Pro

Sometimes we need to scan the document in iPad. We always does a same mistake and that is when we need to scan any documents we can go to the app store and search for the third party apps. That is bad practice if you are an owner of iPad. You can use on of the best iPad tricks to compose this assignment.

Instruction to scan documents like a pro

  1. First of all open Notes app.
  2. Click the plus (+) button at the center of display.
  3. Choose to scan documents.
  4. Select the color of paper which you want as output.

Show Others What You’re Doing On Your Screen

It is also one of the best iPad tricks. Sometimes showing others what you’re doing on your screen really goes beyond the ordinary screenshot and screen photo. Suppose you are playing the national level quiz and secured 1st position then you want to share that with your loved ones and parents but the screenshot is not enough to do that. You can record your screen and show them entire records of your performance. Such screen recording best iPad tricks is available on iOS 12 by default.

Instruction to show others what you’re doing on your screen

  1. Swipe down from upper-right corner of the display.
  2. Bring up control center.
  3. Click on the icon shaped like a target.
  4. Then click on start recording.

Quick Note: The red band appears at the top of the screen indicates that your screen is recording. In order to stop that recording follow the instruction below.

  1. Click On the Red Band.
  2. Click Stop Recording.
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