What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Must Know

What is Cloud Computing? Everything You Must Know

Term Cloud Computing:

The term Cloud Computing is simply refers as accessing the data and programs which is already stored on the internet rather than getting and making data from your hard drive. On the other word it is also defined as the combination of hardware and software from the Internet service.

Only we need to understand is that Cloud is just a internet metaphor which takes us to the previous times of presentation and flowchart that would introduce the huge server farm infrastructure as a puffy cloud of the internet. It can accepts the doling out information and connection as it floats.

Confusion and actual concept:

We are still confused in the term of cloud computing even wee heard it many time but the reality and simple way to understand and determine the cloud storage is very simple. When we stores data then run program depending upon our hard drive is called local storage computing. In the process of local storage computing, you need the data and program physically near to you but for the cloud computing there is not a physical concept. It means you can access the data from any part of the world. The main twist is cloud computing is somehow based on your hard drive, as the main mechanism of the computer industry function. Many people argue that the cloud computing is superior. For the perfect reason Tech byte explains you:

Having a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) in a house is also not a cloud. The data we stored on our offices and home is not belongs to the cloud but some of the NAS devices let us to access the materials remotely over the internet and also there is one Brand from western digital named “My Cloud” which have keeps us in the confusion.
For the clarification simply understand that when you access your programs and data from any part of world using Internet or if the data is synced with any other information on web is the Cloud Computing. In a big business, users can easily find-out what’s exactly having on the either side of Internet but as a individual we don’t know or we even don’t have any idea about the activities happening in the other end of data center. The conclusion is same with an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere, anytime.

Common Cloud Examples:

Sometimes we get blurred of the line specifically when it comes to home use of local computing and cloud computing. The main reason is that we are using unknowingly cloud as a computing almost part of our daily life. You can easily use a local piece of software for example Microsoft Office which utilize Microsoft OneDrive as a storage purpose it is also one of the form of cloud computing. Microsoft also offers package of internet/web-based programs and applications like Offices also known as Office for the web where we can only found the web-based version of OneNote, Excel, Powerpoint, and Word without installing it on your device. The web-based function makes them a version of cloud computing.

Some other major examples of cloud computing you’re probably using:

Cloud Hardware:

The main example of the hardware which runs on cloud computing is the Chromebook. In a chromebook user’s all activity is done via online like they can use application, media, storage staying online. One of the main reason that is that chromebook is designed with giving priority to the education which made it popular.

we even try a ChromeBit device which is a smaller drive that turns any display with an HDMI port. It makes a usable computer running Chrome OS. What happens when you need to access your data without internet connection, This is the greatest complaints on Chrome OS but it is currently working on offline functionality improvement.

We hope these guidelines help you to know many thing about cloud computing. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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